Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Friday!! (it's been a while!)

Happy Friday everyone! I cann't believe it's been two weeks since my last post!! My only excuse is that with the transition into a new job, my normal routines and days have been thrown off, but I'm once again beginning to settle back into in keeping with the "usual" Friday routine, here's my letters!
 Dear Friday, so far you have been a great day! I got in my early morning workout, the hubs won tickets on the radio AND was on the radio (so cool!), I grabbed a Starbucks before work, AND the winter banquet (our office Christmas party!) is tonight! Dear new job, you are such a blessing and I like to call you an early Christmas gift! The people I work with are super friendly and inclusive and I LOVE everything that I am learning! Everyday in this office is different and I find that fascinating! Dear Macy, I'm glad you are a fan of our Christmas tree (and it's ornaments), I just wish you would leave the tree skirt alone. I get it's fun like helping me make the bed, but dive bombing it everytime I fix it, is starting to get...old. Good thing you're so cute!! Dear friends, I'm sorry if any of you have felt neglected this past two weeks...I'm so off my normal routine with the new job that it's taken me time to get back into the swing of things, but I promise, I'll resume normalcy soon!! Dear family, I miss y'all like crazy! The thought of not spending Christmas with you is still utterly devastating to me, despite much prayer and effort...I guess new fazes of life come with their own challenges...Dear mom, I'm beyond thrilled that AFTER Christmas I WILL be seeing you!! Dear husband, thank you for your constant patience with me in every area of our life, especially with me during this upcoming Christmas season. I know I haven't been easy, much less're so patient and I'm so blessed that you're mine! I also can't wait for our "date" tonight and for you to meet all my sweet co-workers! Dear blog, you will be getting some good attention real soon!!
That's it for now, dear readers! Now, in the name of playing catch-up, here's some pictures from this past week!!

All ready for work! Cute outfit that day! Dress, ankle boots, and blazer!

A float from the Christmas parade last weekend! (even though it was 70 Texas.)

Advisor Symposium! I felt so official with a name paper!

Our precious Christmas tree! It's on the smaller size (about 6 ft.) but adorable!



  1. How fun! What did he win tickets to?

    Love your Christmas tree!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a Liebster
    Award because I love your blog :) You can check it out here: