Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters!

This is my first Friday's letters! I found this on Ashley's blog  Adventures of Newlyweds (which y'all should totally check out!) and it seems like such a great way to put some things in perspective and reflect! Once you've read my letters, write your own! If you don't have a blog, no worries, just write your letters in the comments section! I'd love to read them!


Dear Friday thank you for being here! I just wish you had started off better, but it's only 8:30, so you could still be a great day! Dear Texas weather stop being so darn hot and humid! Please dry up for at least the weekend so I cna enjoy some outdoor time. Dear Mom I'm so glad your coming to visit and I can't wait to see you! Only wish we lived closer so visits were a regular thing, but hey I'll keep praying! Dear Husband thank you for being so amazing and getting up every morning to make sure I'm safe when I leave to head to the gym and a special thank you for driving to meet me this morning and help with the van trouble. I am so grateful that I get to spend my life with you. Also, thank you for helping me fold that big pile of laundry last night. And speaking of last night, I had a great time with our "split split" Pei Wei and Dr. Who episodes :) Dear weekend it's looks like you are going to be full of fun and memories! My sweet friend's wedding, visiting with my mom/family, and takin' it easy! and finally, Dear God thank you for this job you have provided for me and I am especially grateful on pay day when I realize just how much you take care of us!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Even though it's not Wednesday

Happy Thursday!
I meant to write this post yesterday because I love "What I'm Loving Wednesdays" so let's just pretend it's Wednesday but only in the blogger world, not the outside world because I am too ready for the weekend already!

Here's what I'm LOVING this week!

I'm loving my 5:30am Gym time! I know it sounds crazy but I feel sooooo good when it's done and it just seems to start my day off right! They also keep me more motivated throughout the day to stick to clean eating. And BONUS they give me more time with the hubs after work since I've already fit in my gym time :)

I'm loving frozen yogurt! It's been crazy hot this week and it's nice to have an interesting cold treat that you make healthy (or so not much with yummy things like butterfinger pieces and sprinkles!)

I'm loving my crazy nails! I love bright pinks and using different shades! Super cute and cheerful while I type all day :)

Finally as always, I'm loving my sweet husband! This week he came up with the idea to keep our tv off (most of the time we're home) so we could actually DO things together! We picked up the game stratego and spent a nice few hours playing that this week!

Photo: Fun Sunday night in the Hahn house :)

These are just a few of the things I'm loving this week! How about y'all? What are you loving?


Monday, June 25, 2012

Why can't everyday be like Saturday?

This past Saturday, to be exact! After a long work week and a laid back Friday night, Andrew and I took a mini road trip with our friends on Saturday to our friend Rebecca's family's lakehouse! I'm so glad we went despite waking up and wondering why on earth we were up so early on a Saturday. It took us a good few hours to get there, but boy did we get to see some pretty Texas countryside on the way! Once we got to the lake house, our day was full of swimming in the lake, wakeboarding (attempts at, I should say), laying out, tubing, playing games, and eating! It was the most perfect way to spend a Saturday! Rebecca's family was so sweet and made all our meals, so our only job was to relax and it felt great!

Amazing view of the dock and the lake!

My goal this summer is to get some sun every weekend since I'm inside 40 hours a week and refuse to look ghostly. I think I may have gotten in 2 weekends worth of sun in one day! My face ended the day a nice redish color and my poor hubby got "lobster legs" from canoeing in the Texas sun , so needless to say, we spent Sunday in doors. I know everyday can't be that awesome because of that thing called the real world, but it was nice to take a time-out from everyday life and just breathe. Despite my love with the gym, it was even nice to have a day off from working out! Our summer is off to a great start and it promises to be a busy one! It seems that every few weekends we are in Houston and as nice as it is to see family, we deeply enjoy the weekends that we don't have to make that drive. As far as the rest of the week goes, it seems to be a normal week with a trip to Houston this weekend (of course!) to see one of my favorites get married! One a plus side, there's a chance my mom is flying in for a visit which is becoming more often than not (which I LOVE)!
Us in our fishing shirts!

         Fell in love with this picture years ago and they had it hanging at the lake house!

My goal for the week: get in as many 5am workouts as I can! I know that sounds insane, and I have attempted it now for 2 weeks and can't seem to peel myself out of bed...but this is the week! Because of working 8-5, I tend to get in my workouts at night which leaves less time with my hubby, so I'd rather workout in the AM while he's still asleep! Here's hoping!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I can't believe it's already Monday! The weekend was fun but went by WAYYYY too fast! Andrew and I went to my company's picnic on Friday which was a lot of fun. He got to meet a lot of the people I work with and we enjoyed free food and some baseball! It was really hot and we actually left early! We ended up seeing a movie and getting coffee with friends so it was a really great date night! On Saturday we visited with our sweet friends from church and we made a big breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, turkey bacon, waffles, and fruit! Having breakfast with people is something Andrew and I love but usually we're at a restaurant so being at our friend's house was so fun! We spent the rest of the day together and LOVED every minute of it! We went to a few yard sales! Come to find out, we like yard sales! Then we hit up the pool and no one was there! We basically had a big pool all to ourselves for a few hours and it was so nice! My goal this summer is to get as much sun on the weekends as I can since I'm inside 40 hours a week! After the pool we grabbed chick-fil-a (yum!) and came home and crashed! Later that night we hung out with our neighbors and had ice cream. On Sunday, Andrew decided to drive down to Houston to spend Father's Day with his dad. Being that mine is 2000 miles away and I didn't want to make a day drive to Houston on a Sunday, I stayed home! My day was so productive it was almost like a work day! I cleaned every inch (well almost) of my house including laundry, dusting, vacumming, cleaning out the refridgerator (gross!), grocery shopping, and cleaning out the cat box. By the time I crawled into bed, I was exhausted! But it sure felt great to wake up to a clean house this morning!

               Me and my sweet dad whom I am so grateful to have!

This weekend was my verison of fun. My ultimate goal on the weekends is to get time with the hubby and that's what I got! We had time together, time with friends, time to just be home...ahhh I loved it! I really am so grateful for everything we have right now. I am so thankful we have a frigde full of groceries, a sweet cat to come home to, a cozy place to live, cars that run, our own washer and many things! I am more and more aware of these things every time I get groceries or clean the house because as I grumble about having to do it, I realize how blessed I am to be able to do these things. Ok, I'm done, you get the picture! Not sure what this week holds for us. It seems to be pretty laid back and this weekend we are planning on going to our friend's lakehouse!

Oo and on a side-note, I FINALLY have a menu for this week!
Black bean burgers
Baked egg cups
BBQ burger
Chipoltle chicken salad
Funfetti cupcakes

All of these are healthy recipes and I'm eager to try them out! I'll let y'all know how it goes!

Friday, June 15, 2012

What a week!

It's really more like what a month! I feel like Andrew and I have been so busy! May flew by for us in many ways. I left my part time job in retail and started a brand new "Big Girl" job! Because I am now done with school, I was ready for something steady and full time that would honor me being as college grad (or soon to be in August!) and I found a job I really love. The short version is that I am a receptionist with a lot of other responsibilites for a company in town. I love being in a healthy, professional work environment! Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and I'm enjoying it, while still getting used to the 40-hours a week thing! Since I'm now off on the weekends, it seems like our weekends have become really busy! We spent one weekend driving to Houston, then Austin (for my cousin's wedding), then back home. The wedding was wonderful and it was so great to be around my family! Last weekend we were blessed to be "lazy" and it was great! Andrew and I had time to spend relaxing, picking up the house, and even went swimming!

                       Me and my AMAZING Grandmother at my cousin's wedding!

Now on to this week...
It's been a long week mainly because I drove to Houston on Tuesday for a needle biopsy. Back in February they discovered a small mass in my breast and I had it examined and needle biopsied then, but it grew and a few weeks ago the doctor said she wanted to take another sample because she didn't know what it was (great feeling! NOT). So, after going through another needle biopsy, I got my results today and they are BENIGN! There was no sign of A-typical cells or anything unusual. The cells apparently resemble that of a Fibroadema, which is something that a younger women can face if they discover a mass. So basically...I'm OKAY!!! I had a "Guzillion" people praying for me and I felt their prayers ALL week! I really was at peace while I waited for the results, and I am so grateful to God for good answers! The next step is to schedule a surgery to remove the mass because since it has grown, the doctor wants it taken out, which is FINE with me! This week has seemed crazy mainly because of the mass situation and now we get to end it on a good note. IT'S FRIDAY!! Tonight, the hubs and I are going to my company's picnic which includes a baseball, free food, and a fireworks show! We have a plan to make a big homemade breakfast with friends tomorrw and hopefully we will be spending the rest of the weekend at home! (however, Houston is on the back always)

         This was a sweet note my boss left me before my procedure on Tuesday!

Overall things are good with Hahns! God is so faithful to provide for us, keep us safe and well, and we definitely feel His prescence constantly in our lives. I wish I could spend this Father's Day with my Dad, but living so far away, I miss these holidays. This summer still plans to be a busy one! I graduate in August, we plan to visit the fam in July, and then who knows what else! Hope y'all are enjoying this great beginning to summer!

                                     Me and the hubs at the reception!

     Another highlight of my summer so far: catching a 20" red fish! Biggest I've ever caught!