Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1-3 Months!

Since I'm playing catch up, I'm going to lump my sweet girl's stats from 1-3 months in one post!
1 Month!


-Making little squeaking noises
- Super calm
-loves to sleep on mommy's chest
-sleeps best on her belly (only on my chest)
-will NOT keep her gloves! She's the houdini of getting her hands free
-sleeps on car rides, no matter how short
-LOVES her paci- she's soothed by sucking
-sleeps through the night! usually wakes up around 5am then falls back asleep with her paci
Samantha and her kitty :)

2 Months!
She was an M&M for halloween!
LOVES to smile!
silly goose :)

-LOVES to smile
-poops every 5-7 days (doctor says that's normal with breastfed babies. No complaints!)
- stares at lights (lamp, light fixtures, the ceiling fan light)
- falls asleep every time in her Moby- loves to be snuggled tight
-almost always has her hands in little fists
-sleeps with her hands above her head :)
-Loves music, especially when her daddy plays the guitar
-likes to "talk" to us! No words just lots of noises. She's going to be a talker for sure!
3 Months!

First time at the beach!

My 1st Thanksgiving!

-laughs all the time
- gives LOTS of big smiles
-loves looking at herself in the mirror
-officially LOVES baths! She kicks the water like crazy
-rolled over for the first time on Friday November 29th!
-loves to stand if you hold her hands
-has started needing mommy to stand while feeding her (otherwise she fusses)...makes for some strong arms for me!
-loves looking at her hands and sucking on them- I'm talking part of her fist in mouth or licking the top of her hands like a kitty!
My girl is growing, changing, and becoming more and more of a ham everyday! We absolutely continue to be amazed that God gave her to us!

Labor & Delivery

Don't let this post scare you! I was extremely blessed to have a very smooth labor and delivery!
Because we decided to induce, Andrew and I spent the night in the hospital where they gave me cytotek to help prep my body for labor. Once we decided to induce, I very realized that telling people our plans wasn't a good idea...just like everything else in pregnancy and baby related, people have their own opinions and people quickly let us know their feelings on with very few friends and family knowing, we headed to the hospital on Thursday night (August 29th). With our bags packed, Whatburger consumed, and video camera on, we had a calm check in at the hospital.

special goody bag for dads!

I slept poorly that night mainly because of nerves and my poor hubby was freezing. We only brought a small fleece blanket and weren't prepared for the cold of the hospital (of course I was just fine!). Friday morning they checked me again and I had made NO progress, so they started the Pitocin...o the pitocin...
As anyone can imagine, labor started pretty much right away at that point but still moved slowly..I had contraction for about 2 hours and then my doctor showed up to check me. At that point I was dialted a whole 2 cm...she offered the epidural and boy did I jump at the chance!
Immediately she broke my water and about 30 minutes later, the anesthesiologist showed up to give me the epidural. That was probably the worst of it out of the whole experience...having to be really still while contracting and leaking water (sorry for the TMI). Once my body took the meds, it was smooth sailing!
I spent the day in bed, drinking juice, napping, and watching tv (sports center, gilmore girls, the Kardashians) and Andrew napped in his little bed and played on the iPad. Since I couldn't feel anything they quickly upped the pitocin and at 3:30pm we started pushing.
15 minutes later (that's right!) our beautiful baby girl was born!
Samantha Joy
August 30, 2013
7 lbs 10 oz
19 1/2 in
first family photo :)

Daddy and Sammy :)
heading home!
She was so little!!
melts my heart

 So that's our little love's introduction the blog world! The worst part of the whole experience was getting my initial IV (I hate needles!) and taking the epidural tape off my back...I'm so glad I can say that was the worst pain of everything! We were visited by a few family members and friends in the hospital and within a few days we were home! God completely blessed me with a smooth pregnancy, smooth labor & delivery, a great labor coach (my sweet husband), and a beautiful laid back little girl!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm back!

Once again, I have returned from a very long blogging hiatus. My excuses for being gone? Being pregant, being tired, being busy, having a newborn, enjoying every bit of maternity leave and focusing solely on my precious daughter, being busy back at work, the holidays, etc...yep, I've got tons of valid reasons but I'm VERY ready to get back! I've missed recording the daily events (however uneventufl they may seem) of our life. Especially with an infant, there is so much I want to remember and share so I'm jumping back in!
Where to begin?
O yeah! I had a baby! Last time I blogged, I was 6 months pregnant! So I'll start there...
I had a beautiful pregnancy by the grace of God (yes I know the next one doesn't promise to be at all the same, but I'm rejoicing for this one!). I felt great, had energy, worked out a lot, and worked til the day she came. The summer was spent VERY busy at work, working out at 5am during the week with my cousin, and constantly growing.. Here's some pictures to break up all the info!

My baby shower cake!

My grandmother, mom, me, cousin and & aunt at my shower in July!

4th of July at church

work shower!

my cake from our church baby shower :)

me and my not so little brother :)
 the "dads" putting together the stroller!
part of the baby's room!

this amazing bulletin board of baby cards my mom helped me make!

8 days before baby!
 Ok so that was my progression from May-August! 
August was a month of playing the waiting game. Every week I was checked and NO progression...this child had no intention of coming on her own, no matter how much I tried to help her along! 

At 40 weeks the baby was measuring perfectly and head down, so we decided to induce!

On to the labor story in the next post!

Thanks for following!