Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

It's that time of the week! I'm so glad it's Wednesday! Here's what I'm loving this week!

I'm loving that this semester is officially over!!! I had my last final today and it's so nice to be done! I'm not even going to think about the fact that I am taking two summer classes :) This was my first semester being married and I was a little nervous about how I would handle being a wife (and all the responsibility that entails), working, and going to school...but I did great! With the help of Jesus, my encouraging husband, and wonderful family, it has been a successful semester!

This was taken last fall, but it's definitely a sweet memory from this past school year! My first of two senior years lol

I'm loving that today is my day off and it has been super productive! I spent the morning reviewing for my last final, then took my final (crossing my fingers that I did well), came home and cleaned the house (vacuuming, laundry, dishes, cleaned the kitchen floor, made the bed, etc etc), ate lunch, caught up with my Grandmother, and am now catching up with y'all! It's so nice to have a clean house and get to relax :)
I'm pretty sure I've decided that cleaning and working out our my two versions of therapy. They keep me sane and make me happy...maybe I'm weird? Anyone else do these to relieve stress?? 

This isn't my house, but it looks super clean just like my house feels! Plus I found this picture and I think if I could design a clean simple room, it would look kind of like this :)

I'm also LOVING my sweet kitty who jumps up on my bed every time I try to make it or break out the lint roller to get her hair off. It's like she knows I'm trying to clean and has to get in the way. Lucky for her, she's adorable and today every time she jumped up on the bed, she had her toy bird in her mouth so I would throw it and it gave my just enough time to make part of the bed before she came back again. Silly girl!

Macy playing with her mouse :) Isn't she adorable?!

Finally, I'm loving these scrubbies! My grandmother orders them from a friend of a friend who crochets them and they are amazing! They get pretty much anything off any surface without leaving scratch marks! I use them on my dishes, my bathroom, my kitchen floor (not the same scrubbie) and pretty much anywhere! 

So those are just a few things that I'm loving this week! If you'd like to be part of WILW head over to This Kind of Love and link up! I love being part of WILW because it makes you take a few moments and think about the things around you that make you happy, even in the midst of busyness or even a bad day. Sure makes me happier by the end of my post :) So what are y'all loving this week??? Do tell!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy weekend and Mother's Day!

This weekend has come and gone so quickly! I can't believe it's already over! We had a really nice weekend and it was relaxing, yet productive. On Saturday we FINALLY got new tires for our Camry, which has been out of commission for 2 weeks due to two blown out tires. Because neither of us ever have a day off to deal with it, it's taken so long! I was off on Saturday and Andrew didn't work until 3, so we spent the morning dealing with the tire situation and getting our house clean! I am so grateful to have a husband who helps me out when I need it! He so kindly cleaned the cat box and vacuumed which was a tremendous blessing to me :)

Later that day, he went off to work and I hit the gym and went grocery shopping! I also was able to meet him on his dinner break, so we had a nice window of time together :) 

Today has been really laid back for me. I got to lay out for a little while and hang at home with Macy while Andrew worked. I brought him lunch and we got to enjoy a Sonic happy hour! 

This was my 4th mother's day not spending it with my mom because of the distance, but I did manage to get a sweet card out to her and a little gift. I am so grateful that God chose her to be my mom! She encourages me, inspires me, and is an amazing role model. She's a strong, confident woman who loves the Lord with all her heart and has been nothing but an amazing mother to me. As I've gotten older, and especially within the past year, we have become good friends and I LOVE that. It was so nice to have her visit recently because I got to hang out with her all weekend doing all kinds of girly things :) I could go on and on about her, but that would have forever. You get the picture: I love my mom and am so blessed that she's mine! 

My beautiful mom at my bridal shower!

This week is just another week for the Hahns! We both work a lot and I have 1 final left! On Saturday, we'll be spending some time with my mom's side of the family for my cousin's graduation, so that will be nice. I hope you all had a great weekend and a happy mother's day!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving!

Happy hump day! It's that wonderful time of the week where I get to share with y'all what I'm loving right now!

I'm loving my new fonts for my post titles and dates! After many attempts, I finally figured out how to edit the HTML codes to make it work! Still working on my actual blog post fonts though!

I'm loving freeze pops! We bought some the other day when grocery shopping and they're so good! Best of all they have 5 calories and are wonderful at the end of a long, hot day!

I'm loving any and all time at the gym! It keeps me calm, gets rid of stress, and I feel so good!

I'm loving that school is almost done for the semester! I only have 1 final and it's not until next week, so I've spent this week working and working out, which has been so nice!

I'm loving dresses!! I recently bought a couple cute dresses and now I'm obsessed! They're so cute for summer, I can wear them to work, and they keep me cool (literally) :)

                        This is just one cute example of the summer dresses I want!

As always, I'm loving my wonderful husband! He works so hard for our family and I love coming home to him at the end of a long day. It's amazing to be married to my best friend! We laugh a lot and have so much fun just hanging out at home!

                                 Isn't he so cute?! This was from our honeymoon :)

So that's a few things that I'm loving this week! How about y'all???


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Font!

Okay, this is me testing my new font! I've been playing with HTML codes with what seems like forever, with the hopes of changing fonts throughout my blog and making it cuter. So....hopefully it worked!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Good afternoon!
I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've posted anything and it kind of has. These past few weeks have been so busy for us. Where to start...

I GOT MY AGGIE RING :) And o my gosh I LOVE it!

Hubby was proud of me :)

I dunked my ring in a margarita :) (For non-Aggies, dunking your ring in something-usually beer is part of school tradition...I don't like beer)

That day was so special! My mother and mother-in-law were both drove up and spent the day with us, doing all kinds of "Aggie" things. My mother in law took so many pictures from that day and I'll share some with y'all when she emails them to me. That weekend altogether went by so fast! I got to do all kinds of girl stuff with my mom (shopping, coffee, etc) and it was so neat to have her here in our home. I also had lunch with my uncles, aunts, and cousins, so it was definitely a family filled weekend! Since that weekend my weeks have been filled with exams, an insect collection project (ick!), papers, and presentations! 

Andrew started getting sick the weekend my mom was in town and he continued to get worse with a sinus infection until this past week when it finally cleared up! Praise God! We did have a neat1st married Easter even with him not feeling so great! We drove to Houston for the day and spent almost the entire day with my dad's family doing all the typical Easter stuff...egg hunts, over eating, swimming, and spending time together. We also spent some time with my in laws on our way out of town (they were also sick!) and my mother in law surprised us with this

                                          An Easter basket!

She filled it with all kinds of yummy candy and put the two birds on there to be "love birds" :) (Which has become our cat's new toys :) It was such a neat surprise! We were both so busy that we didn't think to make each other baskets, so this worked out perfectly!

I can't believe this weekend's almost over! We had some good times with friends both Friday and Saturday night and went to lunch with some friends today. We both worked Saturday and Andrew worked another full day today. I also "worked" by means of the gym and a lot of house cleaning. Tonight we have a potluck and worship night with our church which will be fun!

Okay that's my attempt on a brief catch up post! I promise to try to post more often! Hope y'all are enjoying the sunshine today if you live near by! I know I am :) 

Happy Sunday!


Okay so that's my effort on a brief catch up of what's been going on in the Hahn household