Monday, June 16, 2014

Grateful for these dads!

This year was Andrew's first Father's Day! The way he loves and cares for our sweet girl is such a blessing to me. The bond these two have is so sweet to watch. She's in every way a daddy's girl and I'm pretty sure she's got him wrapped around her tiny fingers. For those of you who don't know, Andrew stays home with Samantha everyday while I go to work. As crummy as it is to not be the one home with her everyday, I'm blessed beyond belief to have him home with her. Since we made the transition to him staying home with her, my house is messier, laundry piles up a little more, but gosh is that baby loved! It's the best knowing she is in good hands all day and in the comfort of our home! Andrew is a great dad who's good at getting baby smiles, giving medicine, cuddling, and keeping her well! I am blessed to share this journey of parenting with him!
One of their first pictures :)
Love this picture!
Buggy's 1st Christmas!
Park fun!
Her first taste of snow cone!
Andrew' 1st Father's Day
I can't end this post without also sending a shout out to my own dad! The relationship I have with him is one I see with those two cuties in the pictures above! So much of me is exactly like him and I'm so grateful for that! I have always been and will always be a "daddy's girl". It's hard living so far away but face time and phone calls make life much better! My dad is my cheerleader, my dream encourager, and forever owns a piece of my heart! He's also a fantastic "Papi" to our girl! Sometimes when she's sleeping I swear she looks just like him...and I love that! I'm blessed to have these dads in my life!!
These dads putting together the baby's room before she got here!
nap time :)


Thursday, June 12, 2014

7, 8, & 9 Months!

I swear, one day I will be super consistent with this blog! So much has gone on since our last update about our sweet girl! I'm pretty sure the last time I updated (for her 6 months) she could barely sit up. Now we have a full on (super fast) crawler and "puller upper" on everything!
7 Months
-tried cereal for the first time
-tried puffs for the first time
-began sitting up on her own
-first road trip with mommy and daddy to "middle of nowhere" Texas for a sweet friend's/college roommate's wedding
-first wedding attended
-first bath without baby tub
-started saying "mama" when she wants food
first time trying cereal!
trying out the rocking horse at Uncle David and Aunt Robert's house!
 It's been in our family since I was a baby!
First Easter! Trying out the goodies in her Easter basket from Mimi :)
First Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter!
8 Months
-tried baby food
-does like apple sauce/apple baby food
-loves squash and sweet potatoes
-not a fan of cereal
-started crawling
-tried water for the first time
-tried some table food (i.e. pieces of French fries)
-sleeps til noon or 12:30 everyday (in bed between 9-10)
-still use baby tub and takes a "big" bath every now and then
-had broken in "baby jail" AKA the pack 'n play
Trying water for the first time!
bath time fun!
pink girls! She loves seeing herself in the mirror!

first snow cone!
Mother's Day!
9 Months
-craws like a maniac!
-may or may not have discovered the cat food ;)
- pulls up on everything! coffee table, ottoman, couches, etc
-nothing's off limits!
-discovered our "junk baskets" under the coffee table
-loves to be chased around the house with us crawling behind her
 -STILL sleeps til noon or 12:30 everyday (in bed between 9-10)- on a side note, I already know my 2nd child will never sleep
-LOVES puffs, Baby MumMums, baby food, and wants any food we are eating
-loves to taste ice cream, snow cones, and French fries
-making humming sound when she wants food
-still drinks formula and breast milk but this mommy is about dried up
-loves to lay on her kitty (poor Macy)
-says momma and dada sporadically
-high fived mommy for the first time!
-waves "hello" and "bye bye"
-loves the beginning and ending song on Adventure Time
my morning glory! Always wakes up with a smile :)
LOVES the swings!

Visiting with great-grandpa
First time grocery shopping with the cart cover!
9 month check up time!
Eating puffs! Her favorite!
Kisses from Aunt Jenny :)
So now that I've blown up the blog with baby pictures, I feel only slightly caught up! I cannot believe how 9 months has flown by! This sweet girl is the joy of our life and we love watching her grow!
We love you Samantha Joy!
Until next time,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

6 Months!

My sweet Samantha is 6 months old!! Where did the time go?? I cannot believe the things I have learned in this short 6 months and just how much I adore being a mom. In honor of this half-year milestone, I write this letter to the little girl who stole my heart.

Dear Sam,

Words cannot explain how honored I am to be your mom. You are truly one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am beyond blessed to call you my daughter. You are every bit a piece of me and daddy combined, with some of your own sweet qualities of course. You're smart, happy (90% of the time), relaxed, easy-going, patient, and beautiful! Just to name a few things about you ;) I love your laugh, your gummy smile, the way your eyes light up when I walk in the door from work or when you see daddy come in the room, the pleasure you get from sucking those little piggies of yours, and even the way you love on your kitty (although we're still working on learning "gentle")! One of my favorite times of day is when you first wake yourself up, just about an hour before I have to get up for work..and I carry you into our room, where you eat and snuggle back asleep with me and daddy. It's so still and peaceful and wonderful. I love that you are apart of this little family of ours. You truly identify with your name, "JOY". Your heart is full of it and you have brought it to our lives! We love you Sammy Joy, "Buggy", Sam Sam, little love, precious, Joy Joy...Samantha :) We relish in everyday with you, watching you grow, learn, and develop. Daddy and I will always love you, little lady and you'll always be our baby :)


At 6 Months:
-You love your wubbanubs "pinky" and "freckles"
-you make this adorable scrunchy face and blow out your nose
-laugh when you toot
-prefer to sleep on your tummy
-now sleeping in your crib
-LOVE your ExerSaucer (despite the screaming and tears when we first put you in it)
-scratch anything you can get your little razor sharp nails on
-said "mom" a few times and once right after daddy said it!
-can hold your bottle when you eat
-can almost sit up without assistance
-lift your arms up when you want to be held or picked up (cutest thing ever!)
-still loves to see yourself in the mirror

Monday, February 24, 2014

4 & 5 month update!

I never thought I'd be so behind on blogging!! Eventually (I hope) to be way more on top of things!!! So here's Sammy's 4 & 5 Month updates!!
-likes to laugh
-rolled over at Grandma Jones' house over Christmas break!
-loves Mom and Dad! (not so sure about everyone else at first)
-LOVES to eat! (4-5 oz is a must at every meal!)
-great car rider!
-becoming an expert in drooling
-rolls over like a champ
-grabs everything within reach
-sharpest nails ever! (no matter what mommy does to trim them)
-LOVES her sponges in the bath tub & LOVES bathtime
-sitting up better and better in her bumbo
-LOVES nap time with daddy
-Prefers Mommy and Daddy to anyone else
-learning to be gentle with petting the kitty