Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everybody! It was a nice relaxing day here at the Hahn house. It was so calm that it didn't even seem like the 4th! Andrew worked all day and we had plans to go to a church party which got called off (our sweet pastor's wife was sick :( ). I spent the day baking and brought Andrew a peach dump cake at work for their dessert contest. And it came in 2nd place! After that I went to the pool to get my tan on. It was so hot that even the water was like bath water. Soooo nice! Once Andrew got home from work I had the whole house clean, laundry done, and we were ready to have a few friends over for some late night 4th of July fun!

As for this weekend, Andrew and I drove into Houston on friday night, spent the night with my grandparents, and enjoyed some quality time together. On Saturday, we got ready for....MY FIRST RED SOX game! Yes siree! So far, it was the highlight of my summer! I'm not exactly sure how I spent 18 years of my life in MA and I had never been to a game. and I LOVE the Red, die hard fan. Regardless, the game on Saturday was AMAZING! Not only did we win, but I was beyond overjoyed to see all the players I always see on TV. It was such a sweet memory for Andrew and I. It was pretty cool to be at my first Sox game with my husband :) We had so much fun! We got a huge bowl of chili cheese fries, Andy got a giant beer, and I took so many pictures! The rest of our visit was so fast after that. We visited some more of my family and had breakfast on Sunday morning with Andrew's parents, then headed back home. Here's a few pictures from the game :)

                                             We were very excited :)

Me with our HUGE chili cheese fries

Red Sox fan and an Aggie! Best combo!

                                                We had pretty decent seats!

On Sunday, Andrew had to work for a few hours and I hit the gym and then we headed off to Bible study. What a fun weekend! It was so nice to have a few days off work and get to spend them with my husband! Now that my summer school is over (except my online class) I get to focus more on working and enjoying the rest of the summer. This week we're coming up on 6 months of marriage! Time really does fly! Hope y'all are having a great 4th with whatever your plans are! Thank God we live in such a great country! Happy Birthday America! Have a great week!


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