Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Blessed!!

Okay, it's been about a month since I've last posted and I'm ashamed! Sorry all! Since then, we have had graduation parties, a wedding, and overall been busy with day to day life. Andrew and I both work a lot! Okay so he works about 40 and me about 35 (and I'm taking a few summer classes), so by the end of everyday we are wiped out! Especially with this Texas heat of 100 these last few weeks.

This last week has been especially nice and that is what I want to share with you! Up until this last week, I had been really lonely for my family and friends in Boston, especially because I miss having a bunch of girlfriends around. Andrew and I were also transitioning into the routine of both of us working so much and the business definitely took some getting used to! okay okay, so last week Andrew was off for a few days. He spent an overnight in Houston with his best friend (my cousins) and got to see his family. Although I really missed him, I knew it was good for him to get away for a day and spend some time with our loved ones. Maybe 10 minutes after he left for Houston, I was trying to not feel lonely and I got a phone call. One of his sweet aunts called me and we had such a great conversation. She told me how much her and the rest of his family love me, how glad they are that I'm his wife, how grateful they are to have me in their family, and said she prays for Andrew and I (and our marriage) daily. At the end of the conversation she prayed this wonderful prayer for me and it just made my night. It was as if God himself called me to reassure me that I am a good wife even though I didn't want my husband to leave for a night, and that I am loved. In that moment I felt so blessed to be a part of a new family who loves me and prays for us all the time!

The very next day I got a card in the mail from my grandmother with a very sweet note about how proud her and my grandad are of me, how they think of me daily, and to remind me that when I'm overwhelmed I can always go to Jesus. Also enclosed was a sweet bookmark with an encouraging note. After reading it and calling her to thank she, she further affirmed me, telling me they talk about me daily and pray for us all the time. She also reminded me that I may be in a place where I lack girlfriends, but I am not at all alone :)

Late that night, Andrew got back from Houston and I have never been more happy to see him. Even thought he was gone for a only a day, I realized just how much I need him and how glad I am to be married to him, my best friend. I'm pretty sure I missed him from the moment he drove away. O by the way, last week marked 5 months that we've been married, so that added to the sweetness of the week :)

This weekend was also full of fun for the two of us. On Saturday, we went to a wedding for my former roommate and good friend, Michal. We spent the morning running errands together and did a little shopping (which we never do) for our wedding clothes and it was so fun! It was about an hour away, so we rode with my other former roomies and they're sweet guys and had such a fun time. The day was full of lots of laughs, good catch up time, and we hung out until the early hours of Sunday morning. 

             My favorite roommates and sweet friends with the Bride!

Gorgeous Cake! And delicious!!

       Me and the Hubs! I think he was trying to be silly with the serious face :)

                                                   LOVE :)

Andrew and I spent most of Sunday sleeping...I think we're getting old. We slept til almost noon, met up with our friends for lunch before they headed back out of town, and then came home and preceded to sleep til almost 7! I think the exhaustion of working a lot, the summer heat, and a busy weekend was just too much for us! We spent the night watching the NBA finals (yay for the Mavs!), eating leftover pizza, and playing Little Big Planet (our new bonding video game) :) 

Okay, I know I've written a lot!! Sorry, I think this is what happens when you haven't blogged in a month! There's just so much more I want to write, but I'll spare y'all ;) So far, we're into another week and it's already been so nice! Monday morning Andrew surprised me with homemade waffles and even made dinner when I got off work! Today, we both worked and spent the evening helping our dear friends, Jeremy and Erin move into their new house! It was so nice to spend the night with our church family and get to bless them :) Ok, I have got to go to bed! I'm battling a slight cold (maybe allergies??) and I have class and work tomorrow! 

I promise to update more often so y'all don't have to read another novel!! Happy Tuesday!


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