Monday, June 16, 2014

Grateful for these dads!

This year was Andrew's first Father's Day! The way he loves and cares for our sweet girl is such a blessing to me. The bond these two have is so sweet to watch. She's in every way a daddy's girl and I'm pretty sure she's got him wrapped around her tiny fingers. For those of you who don't know, Andrew stays home with Samantha everyday while I go to work. As crummy as it is to not be the one home with her everyday, I'm blessed beyond belief to have him home with her. Since we made the transition to him staying home with her, my house is messier, laundry piles up a little more, but gosh is that baby loved! It's the best knowing she is in good hands all day and in the comfort of our home! Andrew is a great dad who's good at getting baby smiles, giving medicine, cuddling, and keeping her well! I am blessed to share this journey of parenting with him!
One of their first pictures :)
Love this picture!
Buggy's 1st Christmas!
Park fun!
Her first taste of snow cone!
Andrew' 1st Father's Day
I can't end this post without also sending a shout out to my own dad! The relationship I have with him is one I see with those two cuties in the pictures above! So much of me is exactly like him and I'm so grateful for that! I have always been and will always be a "daddy's girl". It's hard living so far away but face time and phone calls make life much better! My dad is my cheerleader, my dream encourager, and forever owns a piece of my heart! He's also a fantastic "Papi" to our girl! Sometimes when she's sleeping I swear she looks just like him...and I love that! I'm blessed to have these dads in my life!!
These dads putting together the baby's room before she got here!
nap time :)


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