Monday, February 24, 2014

4 & 5 month update!

I never thought I'd be so behind on blogging!! Eventually (I hope) to be way more on top of things!!! So here's Sammy's 4 & 5 Month updates!!
-likes to laugh
-rolled over at Grandma Jones' house over Christmas break!
-loves Mom and Dad! (not so sure about everyone else at first)
-LOVES to eat! (4-5 oz is a must at every meal!)
-great car rider!
-becoming an expert in drooling
-rolls over like a champ
-grabs everything within reach
-sharpest nails ever! (no matter what mommy does to trim them)
-LOVES her sponges in the bath tub & LOVES bathtime
-sitting up better and better in her bumbo
-LOVES nap time with daddy
-Prefers Mommy and Daddy to anyone else
-learning to be gentle with petting the kitty

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