Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1-3 Months!

Since I'm playing catch up, I'm going to lump my sweet girl's stats from 1-3 months in one post!
1 Month!


-Making little squeaking noises
- Super calm
-loves to sleep on mommy's chest
-sleeps best on her belly (only on my chest)
-will NOT keep her gloves! She's the houdini of getting her hands free
-sleeps on car rides, no matter how short
-LOVES her paci- she's soothed by sucking
-sleeps through the night! usually wakes up around 5am then falls back asleep with her paci
Samantha and her kitty :)

2 Months!
She was an M&M for halloween!
LOVES to smile!
silly goose :)

-LOVES to smile
-poops every 5-7 days (doctor says that's normal with breastfed babies. No complaints!)
- stares at lights (lamp, light fixtures, the ceiling fan light)
- falls asleep every time in her Moby- loves to be snuggled tight
-almost always has her hands in little fists
-sleeps with her hands above her head :)
-Loves music, especially when her daddy plays the guitar
-likes to "talk" to us! No words just lots of noises. She's going to be a talker for sure!
3 Months!

First time at the beach!

My 1st Thanksgiving!

-laughs all the time
- gives LOTS of big smiles
-loves looking at herself in the mirror
-officially LOVES baths! She kicks the water like crazy
-rolled over for the first time on Friday November 29th!
-loves to stand if you hold her hands
-has started needing mommy to stand while feeding her (otherwise she fusses)...makes for some strong arms for me!
-loves looking at her hands and sucking on them- I'm talking part of her fist in mouth or licking the top of her hands like a kitty!
My girl is growing, changing, and becoming more and more of a ham everyday! We absolutely continue to be amazed that God gave her to us!

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