Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Update time!

O my goodness! It has been beyond too long...in fact, I wrote this post back in May and never published it! Life with a baby (who's now a toddler seems to get crazier by the minute) and so much has changed in the last year that I felt the need to update! Also I swear I'm going to get better at posting more often!
So let's see...
Since my last post, I no longer work full time away from home and my sweet girl, my husband got accepted into an amazing engineering program, I got into grad school, AND our sweet girl turned 1!!
It was almost this time last year that an amazing opportunity fell into our laps that changed so much for us. To keep it brief (because I will elaborate in another post), this opportunity helped me lose that last 5 lbs of baby weight, lose 10 inches over my body in 3 weeks, give me amazing energy, and most importantly...bring me home from my full-time underpaid job to work from home and spend my days with our baby! 
My husband started in an engineering program at that same time I started grad school, so we've both finished an intense year of school and did great! On to summer school for me! 'Cuz who needs a break, really?
Our baby not only turned 1, but it VERY quickly approaching 2! She does SO MUCH  now! Walks, talks (still limited words), signs the word "more", LOVES Frozen, and has decided her favorite food is donuts. She has the sweetest little heart! Loves to help mommy with anything and is incredibly fearless...I'm talking climbing, jumping, etc. 
Us back in November!

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