Sunday, March 5, 2017

We meet again!

Hello All! 
I have been gone from this blog for far far too long. In fact, in my last post I announced we were expecting a son and fast forward to today and that little boy is 13 months old! So clearly...time flies and I have really stepped away. BUT...
I'm back!
The days only get busier when you have two kiddos instead of one, but I find the need to blog more than ever. As a stay at home mom, I'm either talking to littles all day or myself, so maybe this can be a good outlet also?
I originally started this blog to chronicle our newly married life and now my goal is for it to become a scrapbook of our goings on as a family, as well as a journal of the real-ness of our daily life. Too often we only showcase the good days, sweet moments, and fun things, but life with kids isn't always those things.
I LOVE being home with my babies and wouldn't trade a second of it! My goal is to stay more consistent with this (for once) so that those who follow us from afar can keep up better wth us. I also want this to be my outlet for whatever goes through my brain since we all know "mom brain" is something fierce and if I do not write down what's going on, I may never remember it!
Pictures of our sweet family and a quick recap since my hiatus will be in the next post! O and also working on updating the blog as a whole and those changes will be coming too!

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