Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More News!

So my last post briefly updated y'all on the craziness of life but we have more craziness ahead as...


We are beyond thrilled to be expanding our family and we're actually 18 weeks along at this point! Shows how often I post! HA! 

To make life more exciting...


We're due in January and so far this pregnancy has been much like the last...smooth and staying small (people don't believe I'm 18 weeks at all). I was SUPER "blah" the first trimester...meaning, I just felt crummy all the time...so not only fighting exhaustion but little appetite most of the day. Once we hit 2nd trimester my body jumped back into energy momma mode and hungry momma mode too! O yeah and we moved in July so that was some fun added stress, but so grateful to God for the fact that we are living in Houston and much closer to family now.

This summer has flown by and we are just about to celebrate our sweet girl's 2nd birthday (WHAT?!?!!) on Sunday. I cannot believe it! So that's our big news for now and here's some great pics for y'all to enjoy!

Park fun!

Tire swing fun at the great-grandparents'!

Mommy and Sammi on the 4th!

First pool experience! She LOVED it!

Workshop fun with daddy and great-grandpa!

Lazy day with mom (not the best pic of me but I love any cuddle time I get!)

Cousin's b-day party! She rode on a horse!
That's it for now everybody! Thanks for catching up! I'll be back soon for bump updates!

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