Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

It's that time of the week! I'm so glad it's Wednesday! Here's what I'm loving this week!

I'm loving that this semester is officially over!!! I had my last final today and it's so nice to be done! I'm not even going to think about the fact that I am taking two summer classes :) This was my first semester being married and I was a little nervous about how I would handle being a wife (and all the responsibility that entails), working, and going to school...but I did great! With the help of Jesus, my encouraging husband, and wonderful family, it has been a successful semester!

This was taken last fall, but it's definitely a sweet memory from this past school year! My first of two senior years lol

I'm loving that today is my day off and it has been super productive! I spent the morning reviewing for my last final, then took my final (crossing my fingers that I did well), came home and cleaned the house (vacuuming, laundry, dishes, cleaned the kitchen floor, made the bed, etc etc), ate lunch, caught up with my Grandmother, and am now catching up with y'all! It's so nice to have a clean house and get to relax :)
I'm pretty sure I've decided that cleaning and working out our my two versions of therapy. They keep me sane and make me happy...maybe I'm weird? Anyone else do these to relieve stress?? 

This isn't my house, but it looks super clean just like my house feels! Plus I found this picture and I think if I could design a clean simple room, it would look kind of like this :)

I'm also LOVING my sweet kitty who jumps up on my bed every time I try to make it or break out the lint roller to get her hair off. It's like she knows I'm trying to clean and has to get in the way. Lucky for her, she's adorable and today every time she jumped up on the bed, she had her toy bird in her mouth so I would throw it and it gave my just enough time to make part of the bed before she came back again. Silly girl!

Macy playing with her mouse :) Isn't she adorable?!

Finally, I'm loving these scrubbies! My grandmother orders them from a friend of a friend who crochets them and they are amazing! They get pretty much anything off any surface without leaving scratch marks! I use them on my dishes, my bathroom, my kitchen floor (not the same scrubbie) and pretty much anywhere! 

So those are just a few things that I'm loving this week! If you'd like to be part of WILW head over to This Kind of Love and link up! I love being part of WILW because it makes you take a few moments and think about the things around you that make you happy, even in the midst of busyness or even a bad day. Sure makes me happier by the end of my post :) So what are y'all loving this week??? Do tell!


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