Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I'm so happy this week is plugging along and can't wait til this weekend! After a few months, I finally get to visit with my mom and hopefully our sweet girl will keep up her crazy kicking so mom can feel her :) I'm linking up with Jamie today to share What I'm LOVING this week!

- the energy I have had to knockout solid workout this week! I'm doing good about not pushing myself too hard and watching my heart rate with my heart rate monitor, but I tuly love the feeling after a workout! And judging from peanut's movements when I'm done, she does too!
- my Magic Bullet! This thing is awesome! I whipped up a strawberry banana smoothie before work yesterday in literally 2 minutes and it was such a good breakfast!
- Zesta crackers! I know that's super random, but that's pregnancy for you! They just taste sooooo good! The eatery in my office building has them and everytime one of my girlfriends gets food downstairs, they bring me a bunnch of crackers!
-homemade chocolate chip cookies! I've been on baking spree lately, including multiple batches of chocolate chip cookies and a banana bread bundt cake (no picture because it wasn't pretty, but it was good!)
-Macy, as always! I swear she get's funnier and cuter everyday! Here's a new spot she discovered this week! A tiny window sill in our house...goof ball!
-all the suport my city has gotten within the last week! I've never seen so many stand behind Boston and it makes me even more proud to call it home (even if it's only "home" in my heart now)
On another note (and maybe this is pregnant me needing a moment to vent), here's something I'm NOT loving this week:
-people telling me 1.) they still don't believe I'm pregnant 2.) "wow, I still can't see it yet!" 3.) "how far along are you? wow, I would have said 3 months"...etc etc. Get the picture? I read an article the other day saying that pregnant women don't want to be told they are too big OR too's getting old to me. Yes, I'm grateful not to be big yet, mostly because I'll be pregnant almost the entire summer, so I can wait. But to hear I still don't look pregnant, when I feel her move all the time, when some of my pants don't fit, etc, is not a great feeling either. Also, FYI, when you are having your first baby, you're physically fit, and you're tall, there's a solid chance you won't pop right away...ok sorry, thanks for bearing with me!
An alternative would be "Wow, you look great!" "Pregnancy suits you!" "You're doing so great with working out and staying healthy"...just FYI.
Back to what I'm LOVING..
-my Husband! (saved the best for last!) Poor guy goes through the ringer some days with this pregnancy, or so it feels. (although he has said overall, I've definitely been low key compared to stories he has heard). He does his best to guess what I'm hungry for, read my emotions, etc. More than anything, he's been a great rock. He lets me have my moments where I just need a good cry. He's going to be a great dad. He talks to our sweet girl everyday and I LOVE it.
Ok, that's my list for now! Hope everyone has a good hump day!


  1. Hey you. Glad to hear everything is going good! Love you and miss you!

    xo, Cai Poo

  2. Oh man I need a magic bullet to make smoothies!
    stop by some time