Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Ahhhh it's finally Friday & I couldn't be more ready! Here's my lovely letters for today!
Dear Friday, you've been good so far. Let's keep it up! Today you marked 22 weeks of pregnancy, there was Spring fling luncheon at work (but off site!), I got a starbucks, and tonight I get to see my mom after two long months! Dear husband, you're great, bottom line. You know me better than anyone else on this plant and your patience, kindness, and love for me are truly something else. Thank you for our sweet date last night! Sharing my 1st Jurassic Park experience with you was great! (Yes, I never saw it as a child. No, I don't regret it. Those dinos are scary stuff!) Dear sweet baby girl, I love you so much. I love your sweet little kicks throughout the day, and I love that in 18 weeks (roughly), I'll be your mom officially! Dear Macy, I promise to do my best to not neglect you once your sister (haha yes, sister) is here! You'll always be my silly fur-baby. Dear God, thank you for being the one who holds our future in your hands. So much hangs in the balance right now as we wait on phone calls, timelines, and meetings. Thank you for having plans that are perfect for my life and for being the ultimate planner. Dear weekend plans, you continue to stress me out. I've come to the realization that I will just never please everyone...and it stinks. (I'm a huge people pleaser!) Someone will always be let down by me...and this pregnant girl, can't handle the stress of that. It's literally brought me to tears. Dear people, (yes people in general) when I share something like, "I love feeling her kick during the day", I don't appreciate responses like "just wait till she's kicking your ribs" or "you say that now, just wait". This is just an example, but it seems like people enjoy taking your moments of joy away...I know they don't mean to, and I know I'm more sensitive now, but I don't like it. Why rob me of the sweet joy of feeling my little girl move around? Random, but I needed to say that.  Dear husband, our trip in the Target baby section was hilarious and I'll never forget this conversation:
A:Why are there so many car seats of different sizes?
Me: Because they stay in a car seat until like 70lbs.
A: No way. So my 5th grader is gonna be in a car seat? So we have to buy more than one?
Me: Yeah, we buy one for when they're an infant and one when they're a toddler.
A: Then let's go ahead and get this big one. It's adjustable down to really small.
Me: So when I take her out in public, I'm gonna have to lug around a big chair basically?
*we bust out laughing"
O the things we have ahead of us. I love that we are on this journey together! Love you baby! 
Thanks for reading!

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