Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's OK...

Happy Thursday! Today I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for a much needed "It's OK" post!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
-to have a moment where you just lose it. I had one of those moments yesterday. Wasn't proud, but I feel so much better.
-to rely on workouts to pull you out of a bad mood, crying fit, meltdown, etc.
-that all my baby wants this week is chocolate chip cookies and Odwalla Superfood drinks (at least it's balanced, right?)
-that even at 24, married, with a baby on the way...I still want to go "home" when I get upset
-that we're about to have another cold front of 40 something MAY. I'll take it!
-that this week has flown by
-that our plans aren't always God plans...when you can come to terms with that and see what God has for you and how it's SO much better and more than you imagined for youself, it definately makes you prefer HIS plans


  1. SIGH. I so want to be eating chocolate chip cookies with you and discussing baby stuff!

  2. Same here!!! You're welcome to come visit any time you want! (I know that's way easier said than done, but still throwing it out there!)

  3. I wish I had a reason to eat chocolate chip cookies!! All it does it go to my hips :( & yes i agree even though I am married too {no baby on the way though} when I get sad I just want to run home!!! Have a great weekend!