Monday, June 25, 2012

Why can't everyday be like Saturday?

This past Saturday, to be exact! After a long work week and a laid back Friday night, Andrew and I took a mini road trip with our friends on Saturday to our friend Rebecca's family's lakehouse! I'm so glad we went despite waking up and wondering why on earth we were up so early on a Saturday. It took us a good few hours to get there, but boy did we get to see some pretty Texas countryside on the way! Once we got to the lake house, our day was full of swimming in the lake, wakeboarding (attempts at, I should say), laying out, tubing, playing games, and eating! It was the most perfect way to spend a Saturday! Rebecca's family was so sweet and made all our meals, so our only job was to relax and it felt great!

Amazing view of the dock and the lake!

My goal this summer is to get some sun every weekend since I'm inside 40 hours a week and refuse to look ghostly. I think I may have gotten in 2 weekends worth of sun in one day! My face ended the day a nice redish color and my poor hubby got "lobster legs" from canoeing in the Texas sun , so needless to say, we spent Sunday in doors. I know everyday can't be that awesome because of that thing called the real world, but it was nice to take a time-out from everyday life and just breathe. Despite my love with the gym, it was even nice to have a day off from working out! Our summer is off to a great start and it promises to be a busy one! It seems that every few weekends we are in Houston and as nice as it is to see family, we deeply enjoy the weekends that we don't have to make that drive. As far as the rest of the week goes, it seems to be a normal week with a trip to Houston this weekend (of course!) to see one of my favorites get married! One a plus side, there's a chance my mom is flying in for a visit which is becoming more often than not (which I LOVE)!
Us in our fishing shirts!

         Fell in love with this picture years ago and they had it hanging at the lake house!

My goal for the week: get in as many 5am workouts as I can! I know that sounds insane, and I have attempted it now for 2 weeks and can't seem to peel myself out of bed...but this is the week! Because of working 8-5, I tend to get in my workouts at night which leaves less time with my hubby, so I'd rather workout in the AM while he's still asleep! Here's hoping!

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