Monday, June 18, 2012


I can't believe it's already Monday! The weekend was fun but went by WAYYYY too fast! Andrew and I went to my company's picnic on Friday which was a lot of fun. He got to meet a lot of the people I work with and we enjoyed free food and some baseball! It was really hot and we actually left early! We ended up seeing a movie and getting coffee with friends so it was a really great date night! On Saturday we visited with our sweet friends from church and we made a big breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, turkey bacon, waffles, and fruit! Having breakfast with people is something Andrew and I love but usually we're at a restaurant so being at our friend's house was so fun! We spent the rest of the day together and LOVED every minute of it! We went to a few yard sales! Come to find out, we like yard sales! Then we hit up the pool and no one was there! We basically had a big pool all to ourselves for a few hours and it was so nice! My goal this summer is to get as much sun on the weekends as I can since I'm inside 40 hours a week! After the pool we grabbed chick-fil-a (yum!) and came home and crashed! Later that night we hung out with our neighbors and had ice cream. On Sunday, Andrew decided to drive down to Houston to spend Father's Day with his dad. Being that mine is 2000 miles away and I didn't want to make a day drive to Houston on a Sunday, I stayed home! My day was so productive it was almost like a work day! I cleaned every inch (well almost) of my house including laundry, dusting, vacumming, cleaning out the refridgerator (gross!), grocery shopping, and cleaning out the cat box. By the time I crawled into bed, I was exhausted! But it sure felt great to wake up to a clean house this morning!

               Me and my sweet dad whom I am so grateful to have!

This weekend was my verison of fun. My ultimate goal on the weekends is to get time with the hubby and that's what I got! We had time together, time with friends, time to just be home...ahhh I loved it! I really am so grateful for everything we have right now. I am so thankful we have a frigde full of groceries, a sweet cat to come home to, a cozy place to live, cars that run, our own washer and many things! I am more and more aware of these things every time I get groceries or clean the house because as I grumble about having to do it, I realize how blessed I am to be able to do these things. Ok, I'm done, you get the picture! Not sure what this week holds for us. It seems to be pretty laid back and this weekend we are planning on going to our friend's lakehouse!

Oo and on a side-note, I FINALLY have a menu for this week!
Black bean burgers
Baked egg cups
BBQ burger
Chipoltle chicken salad
Funfetti cupcakes

All of these are healthy recipes and I'm eager to try them out! I'll let y'all know how it goes!

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