Friday, June 15, 2012

What a week!

It's really more like what a month! I feel like Andrew and I have been so busy! May flew by for us in many ways. I left my part time job in retail and started a brand new "Big Girl" job! Because I am now done with school, I was ready for something steady and full time that would honor me being as college grad (or soon to be in August!) and I found a job I really love. The short version is that I am a receptionist with a lot of other responsibilites for a company in town. I love being in a healthy, professional work environment! Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and I'm enjoying it, while still getting used to the 40-hours a week thing! Since I'm now off on the weekends, it seems like our weekends have become really busy! We spent one weekend driving to Houston, then Austin (for my cousin's wedding), then back home. The wedding was wonderful and it was so great to be around my family! Last weekend we were blessed to be "lazy" and it was great! Andrew and I had time to spend relaxing, picking up the house, and even went swimming!

                       Me and my AMAZING Grandmother at my cousin's wedding!

Now on to this week...
It's been a long week mainly because I drove to Houston on Tuesday for a needle biopsy. Back in February they discovered a small mass in my breast and I had it examined and needle biopsied then, but it grew and a few weeks ago the doctor said she wanted to take another sample because she didn't know what it was (great feeling! NOT). So, after going through another needle biopsy, I got my results today and they are BENIGN! There was no sign of A-typical cells or anything unusual. The cells apparently resemble that of a Fibroadema, which is something that a younger women can face if they discover a mass. So basically...I'm OKAY!!! I had a "Guzillion" people praying for me and I felt their prayers ALL week! I really was at peace while I waited for the results, and I am so grateful to God for good answers! The next step is to schedule a surgery to remove the mass because since it has grown, the doctor wants it taken out, which is FINE with me! This week has seemed crazy mainly because of the mass situation and now we get to end it on a good note. IT'S FRIDAY!! Tonight, the hubs and I are going to my company's picnic which includes a baseball, free food, and a fireworks show! We have a plan to make a big homemade breakfast with friends tomorrw and hopefully we will be spending the rest of the weekend at home! (however, Houston is on the back always)

         This was a sweet note my boss left me before my procedure on Tuesday!

Overall things are good with Hahns! God is so faithful to provide for us, keep us safe and well, and we definitely feel His prescence constantly in our lives. I wish I could spend this Father's Day with my Dad, but living so far away, I miss these holidays. This summer still plans to be a busy one! I graduate in August, we plan to visit the fam in July, and then who knows what else! Hope y'all are enjoying this great beginning to summer!

                                     Me and the hubs at the reception!

     Another highlight of my summer so far: catching a 20" red fish! Biggest I've ever caught!

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