Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fact Is...

Good morning!! I'm enjoying this amazing Texas cold front on this fabulous Tuesday...o except for the fact that my hands are freezing and I thought I might die when I walked out to my car at 6am to head to the gym (now that's committment!)

So today I'm linking up with Nicholl @ The Chiffon Diary for "Fact Is" Tuesday! This should be fun!

Fact: this whole week is supposed to range from the 40s-60s and while I'm excited, it makes me realize just how much my blood has thinned since moving to Texas...I swear I'm a New Englander!!

Fact: I'm still ending up with too many left over calories at the end of the day...I'm like a calorie hoarder...I basically eat skimpy most of the day (so I can snack after work or whatever) then after dinner (which is almost always super low cal) I still have like 400 hundred left...= me eating random stupid food at night to hit my target and a nice lecture from the hubs "You need to be at 1000 before dinner" "You told me 800"..."why are you leaving 600 for the end of the day? that's too much"...o well, I'll keep trying.

Fact: My body is officially used to waking up at 5:30am...it does it now without an alarm (today was an exception because our house was freezing so it was hard to leave our cozy bed!)

Fact: I just realized on Sunday that my first payment on my college loans are due. Doesn't make sense since I graduated in August...I think the Dept. Of Education thinks I graduated in June. Guess I need to get on that.

Fact: I'm not as excited about this weekend as I was yesterday. My mom will be in town (meaning Houston, a few hours away) and I thought we'd get the weekend together...come to find out, everyone and their cousin will also be around. I get it's great to see people, but when it's your mom who lives 2000 miles away, sharing her is not exactly on my "to do" list.

Fact: my new (as in 6 months) healthy life style now requires me to buy a new bra...a smaller bra...boo. Guess I can't pride myself anymore (if you get my drift) til I get pregnant...o well, it's worth the smaller body!

Fact: I'm so excited to be starting a non-profit with Taylor to help the victims of Sandy, along with others in need as well! Check out our facebook page for info!

Fact: I still can't figure out how to really make the most of my DSLR...all I know is that I want the next upgraded lens for Christmas...hence, I gotta be able to actually take pictures first.

Fact: I'm super pale and while I'm not an advocate for tanning beds...I think I need one...a few times wouldn't hurt right?? Seriously y'all, I'm gross pale...

Fact: My mother in law told me yesterday that she has always thought of me as her child. Definitely made me smile and helped soften my heart a little more towards the idea of spending christmas with the in-laws (let me clarify, they're great, I'm just dreading being away from my family-2nd married Christmas-first with my family, so now it's the hubby's turn-only fair)

Ok ok, I could probably continue on, but I'll wrap it up! These are my facts for the day and I hope you enjoyed reading the randomness that is this post! Have a great Tuesday!!

What are your facts today??



  1. I love posts like this!
    It's my first married holiday season and because of work, I don't know if I'll get to see them either holiday! :( Something better work out!

  2. Great post. I was having serious blog brain farts since yesterday with no inspiration whatsoever, so thanks for doing this and giving me something to at least blog about. ;) LOL

  3. Tessa, I hope something works out for you!

    Taylore, glad I could inspire a post! I really like this linkup :)