Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Good morning everybody! Good FRIDAY morning, in fact! Whew, made it through another week! For me, this week actually went by pretty quick, thank goodness because I love me some weekend time :) Here's my letters this Friday!

Dear Friday I'm so glad we are reunited even though it is foggy and muggy out! I hope you are  leading the way for a great weekend. Dear gym it was so nice to see you this morning! I'm glad we have gotten back into our 5:30am routine (well 2 days in a row so far!) and it's feels great! Dear self (yes that's right) why on earth do you get so grumpy when you are hungry. You kind let your hunger/low blood sugar get the best of you, leading to a not so pleasant night at home with the hubby (which is the whole reason to workout so have time together). Maybe today you can do better. Dear Taylor, I'm so excited for this nonprofit we are working on together. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes and what difference we, along with fellow bloggers & the social media world, can make! Dear Meredith, I love that the last few mornings I have been up early with you! It's nice to not feel like the slacker, sleeping in :) Dear God,  you have been the biggest highlight of my week by far. The doors you have begun to open for me have been so encouraging and I'm finding myself drawn so much closer to you. Thank you for your provisions and your blessings on us. Dear Andrew, I'm sorry for letting my grumpiness rub off on you last night. Thanks for fixing my seat belt problem in my car (long story but the entire piece thats connected to the car came off while I was driving!) I'm glad we get another weekend together. This one should be pretty busy, but I'm okay with that as long as it's spent with you!
Alrighty, that's my letters for this fabulous Friday! What/who are y'all writing to?


  1. Girl, first...yay for Friday. Second, I am super pumped about this non-profit! ;) I'm ready to move full speed ahead! :) I hope you are ready for this ride! It's going to be work and fun all at the same time! Let's help people!! :) xoxo

  2. The non-profit sounds exciting! Can't wait to hear more!