Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Good morning all! I couldn't be more happy that it's Wednesday...well maybe if it was Thursday...but still! We're already halfway through the work week! After a long, bumpy weekend, this week has actually been nice. My Monday night included a much needed kickboxing class (a great way to realease...everything!) Our Tuesday night included a birthday dinner for a good friend and tonight is Bible study so we're moving right along! As always, linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving this week!

monogrammed necklaces! I don't have one, but it's definitely on my Christmas list!

Monogram Necklace 1 1/4 Inch Personalized Initials Three Letters Monogrammed Sterling Silver 925 Customized Pendant Custom Made Name Message
I'm loving this creamer! I dsicovered it last week and it's revolutionized my coffee (for real)
I'm loving things like this that are poppiing up on my facebook
I'm loving that we had the chance to get together with a bunch of friends last night to celebrate our friend/pastor's birthday!
I'm loving my early morning workouts! Once they become part of a routine, they're not too hard to get up for and I feel soooo much more refreshed in the mornings!
and on that note y'all are probably thinking...
I'm loving long conversations with my best friend! We may not live close or talk super often but after a nice catch up/venting to her, it really reminds me how much she loves me, understands and gets me, and ALWAYS has my back! Love you Andrea!!

So that's what I'm loving this week!! How about y'all?!


  1. mmm pumpkin spice creamer!! and I want a monogram necklace soo bad!

  2. I want a monogram necklace too! I am not so happy about mornings or workouts though. i know this might be a weird question but how do you do it?!

  3. Mariel, it's not a weird question! I honestly am not sure exactly lol. When I first started my job, a co-worker mentioned she went before work and it kind of inspired me. Once you do it, you get why it's amazing because although it takes EVERYTHING to get up out of bed, it's a fantastic feeling to get it done for the day (and great for your metabolism too!) I've def fallen out of the routine before and it feels almost impossible to get back, but once I do, I'm right back! My husband's new job has him up that early and that's helped, but honestly it's just been my own will power that pulls my body out of bed. You definitely have to decide at night that you ARE going to do it, sometimes it helps to set out your gym clothes ahead of time so they are right there too! I mentally take it one step at a time like, ok let's get up, now let's get dressed, now let's head to the steps and I'm there! :) I also have a wonderful friend who gets up for work that early and will text me "good morning", trying to help, and it does! Hope that kind of answers it! If you can, I challenge you to try it! Just one day and let me know how or if you love it! I love knowing I have the nights free with my hubby or free to make plans and not feel like I had to sacrifice my workout :)