Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday y'all! I'm personally ok that it's Monday because it means it's a NEW week & a fresh start! I normally like to recap our fun/exciting/not so exciting weekend, but this time I'm going to make it brief...mainly because this weekend wasn't so any means...

Friday night we headed to Houston to spend the weekend there, celebrating my cousin's birthday and catching up with family since it's been a whole 3 weeks since we werenn't there *sarcasm*. We made it into town a little that, but still managed to have dinner with Andrew's grandmother and his cousins. Saturday, we got up and visited with my grandparents over breakfast then then went to catch up with Andrew's sisters...after that we spent the evening with my cousin and his girlfriend celebrating his birthday. It was a lot of fun! We went bowling and ate at this AMAZING Italian restaurant and I'm talking AMAZINNNNG! Sunday we spent the day at my cousin's just hanging out and watching football! The way Sundays should be! Finally, Sunday night we arrived home, grabbed the most insane subs at Firehouse Subs (a new discovery of ours!) and watched Sunday night football in the comfort of our home, which is by far my favorite place to be: in our home, with JUST us, and our sweet Macy! ahhhh

So what made it not so bueno? Well, without a crazy detailed story...I've learned a lot about myself this weekend from some events that happened:

-this Christmas has given my HUGE'll be my first one without my family (since married couples switch off) and I've honestly never dreaded anything more. I have so many emotions, that complete dread has started to really set it.
-the way I view family is definitely not how everyone does (although I think everyone views family in their own way)...maybe because I didn't grow up with my relatives, just my parents, brother, and our church family.
-I don't do confrontation well...
-I'm SUPER sensitive (although I already knew that)
-I truly LONG to live back home in New England, where I fit best...with my family, friends, and a culture I call my own...
-I've also realized just how amazing and patient my husband is. He is beyond sweet and has always treated my family with kindness and respect...I truly admire that. He is the only reason I would ever have moved 2000 miles away from my heart home. And because I love him, I WILL make it through this Christmas...hopefully with the most sincere smile I can muster.
-I've got A LOT to give over to God within the next 2 months (before Christmas)...

So for now that's it...this weekend was absolutely emotionally exhausting and I will be so ready to be home next weekend and truly catch up! Tomorrow I'm going to be a little more "real" with my "real linkup post" with Becky, so stay tuned! Any and ALL prayers would be appreciated! And maybe any advice or words of wisdom in regards to the holidays after you got married would be great!!



  1. I remember the frist time I spent Christmas without my family and it was hard. The holidays are a really big deal to my family and are filled with traidtions. I called my family on Christmas morning so that I could be on the phone when they opened their presents and I can honestly say that I cried the whole time we were on the phone. I'm sure you're thinking "wow lady this comment is so not making me feel any better" and I'm sorry. I will say this though, my husband was amazing and even though he was glad that I was there with him and his family he knew that it was hard for me and let me have my sad momment. I hope that you're Christmas is still great!

  2. Kelly, I REALLY apreciate your comment. Believe it or not, it does make me feel better! It makes me feel like I'm not crazy for feelig this way. It's definitely gonna be that kind of hard for me. My family is small, I'm talking family of 4 (just me and my brother), and it's filled with traditions. What's worse is that we will be 2,000 miles apart. I think it'd be so much easier if I knew I could see my family (parents and brother) later in the day, but I can't. The bright side is my extended family is near by, so I'll at least get to see them. I never thought it'd be so hard and I hate going into Christmas with a sense of dread...praying God helps me heart on this one. Thanks for comment!

  3. I am in your same shoes. This will be my first Christmas without my parents and holidays are a big deal for us! I have a big immediate family but we are super close! I couldn't imagine being far away too! But you get to build new traditions with your family. i will be lifting you up in prayer!

  4. I totally am in the same boat with how others view family. Especially since mine is a blended family due to death and remarriage and its just not the same. Hugs to you this holiday season, you will do great with everything!

  5. I've been doing the switch holiday thing for nearly 10 years. It's not been easy, that's for sure as I too came from a family full of traditions and was married into a family full of NO traditions (ackk!!). It's been a struggle. But the times when I do get to spend Christmas with my family, it's great! Although it has changed over the last few years because of a now blended family and the loss of my brother last year (last Christmas was with my family and it was just odd...still had our traditions, but it was odd...). So ultimately, you have to grow with what you are given and make the most with your own family (you and your hubby). Cause unfortunately you CANNOT divorce your inlaws. Although I really wish I could! LOL ( hubby doesn't like any holiday {thank you inlaws} so having anything on our own is just not in the cards, so it is what it is)