Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Yay! It's already Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday...which means it's almost another weekend! But before I jump the gun too much, let me share what I'm OK with this Thursday!

It's OK... LOVE the feeling of leaving the gym at 6:45am knowing I can check "work out" off my list for the day! realize that I still have yet to do a post about my visit home...3 weeks ago...woops! Still gonna write it!
...that I still haven't given my DSLR adequate attention. I think its because I'm a little overwhlemed...especially since I'm teaching myself via websites how to use it! refuse to leave the house for a weekend trip until it's CLEAN have lazy hair days and wear my hair curly
...that I dressed up my cat for Halloween. It's not weird...ok maybe it is...but she's as close to a child as I have for a while so there ya go! Plus I only made her wear it for maybe 15 minutes!
Photo: My little pumpkin!
aww my little pumpkin! Clearly she's thrilled...or maybe not.

...that we didn't dress up for Halloween but instead hung with friends, grilled dinner, and watched Zombieland!
...that I'm beyond excited to see my sweet mom in 2 weeks!
That's my OKs for today! Super random, but hey...It's OK!
What are y'all ok with??


  1. Your cat's pumpkin costume is TOO CUTE! I'm proud of you for going to the gym so early...I still have to go during my lunch break or after work because I am so not a morning person haha!

  2. Thanks! I loved her costume, it was perfect :) Yeah I'm so NOT a morning person! I used to do early workouts all the time, but once you stop...forget it! Until this morning, it's been weeks of me saying I was gonna do it, but keep going after work. It's worth it though!!

  3. loving getting an early morning workout!! your cat is too cute!

  4. I also love the feeling of being done with my workout before the day has begun. Unfortunately, I like the feeling of sleeping in an extra hour just a little bit more.


  5. I'm gonna cheer you on for getting up that early to workout...I'll stick to evening time, thank you very much LOL ;)