Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters!

So yesterday I wrote part 1 of a 2 part post, but since I am updating away from the laptop, I'll save part 2 for later today when I'm home and can upload some fabulous pictures from my graduation weekend!
I hope everyone's had a great week and in keeping with the normal Friday routine it's time for Friday's letters!

Dear Mom,Dad & Cam thank you thank you thank you for not only flying in graduation but throwing me a wonderful graduation party, taking TONS of pictures with me in Aggieland, and being apart of everything! Dear Mother-in-law and sister in law, thank y'all for driving up for my graduation, taking beautiful pictures of everyone, and sharing sweet encouraging stories! I am so blessed to have gained such wonderful family members! Dear mom, you get 2 letters because you are that amazing and even more so because you are flying in for my surgery! It means the world to me that you are coming to take care of me and just relax with me for a few days. Although you'll be here for my surgery and recovery, I still CAN'T WAIT! Dear husband, I enjoyed our impromptu date last night! Thanks for not only being my hubby, but my best friend who I can laugh and joke with at the end of a long day. Dear weekend,  please be low key and relaxing! After a crazy busy week like this, I'm ready to take it easy! Dear God first of all, thank you soooooo much for your incredible perfect timing! Thank you for helping with funding of my surgery, giving me the most amazing surgeon, and thank you that this mass will finally be out of my body! Thank you for letting it be a benign mass too! Please guide the doctor's hands on Wednesday and ease any nerves or fears I have going into this. Dear Friday, please move a little faster. I feel like I've been at work forever and it's only been 2 1/2 hours...ugh. Dear body,  it's been a week since we've had a good workout, so get ready because after work, it'll be time to "do work". You may be sore tomorrow, but it will be a good sore! Dear thank you notes,  please write yourselves. I'm so thankful for all my graduation gifts, I just wish I could dictate what I wanted to say and the notes would literally do the writing. O well! Finally, dear husband (you also get 2 letters!) I know we are in such a weird transition time since I'm done with school, but I know good things are ahead for us! There's a lot of different ways our path could go and I'm eager to see what God has in store! I'm glad to have you by my side on this crazy ride called life!

Hope y'all enjoyed my LONG letters! Make sure to check out Ashley's blog for the Friday's letters link up! What are your letters today?? Feel free to share!



  1. Hey! Stopping by from the link up! Newest follower, too! What great letters! Congrats on graduating! :) Would love to have you stop by sometime!

  2. Prayers for you for your surgery next week!! I've had a benign tumor removed and was forever thankful that it was benign! So glad yours is too!! :) I tried emailing you back after your sweet comment on my post but your email isn't connected, so here is my reply:
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! I love College Station!! :) I would definitely love to give you any advice into personal training. Just let me know. I'm here working in the Oil and Gas industry and pretty much researching all day in various courthouses. My nights are typically free for me to hang out with my hubby's family or explore the town. If you're ever interested in meeting up for coffee or drinks, let me know!! I'm always up to meeting fellow bloggers and it's nice to know of another gal in this town. :)