Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters!

It's Friday!! Hope everyone had a great week! I am so looking forward to this weekend & so glad I have Monday off! This week Ashley isn't hosting the Friday letters link up, but I'm still going to share my letters because I love writing them! And I like keeping with routine ;)

Dear Friday you are welcomed with open arms! This has been a good week, but I am still glad you're here! Dear gym why o why did you have to lose power yesterday after 4 minutes into cardo :/ Since I can't move a lot, incling walking is all I have while I heal and I don't like that it was taken from me. Dear body thank you for taking this healing process head on and making it pretty easy for me. Dear masses I'm so glad your gone (yep, had to say it!). I feel so much lighter without you! Dear Ashley & Tara I'm so excited to spend the weekend with y'all! Good friends, good food, and lots of fishing! Dear husband thank you so much for helping me with housework this week! The house is staying clean, laundry is getting done, groceries are being bought, you are truly wonderful! Dear car financing hurry up and be done so I can have my beautiful car! Dear Cam omg I cannot believe you started 8th grade this week! There's no way you can be that old! I love you sweet brother and wish I could have been there on your first day! Who knows, maybe next year! Dear God thank you for everything! Espescially for my husband, our sweet kitty, your daily provisions, and that you love us for exactly who we are!!

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! My plan is to relax, get sun, and...relax!



  1. Hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend! :) Glad to hear your procedure went well and no complications afterwards!! Prayers for continued healing!!
    PS...I stumbled on the cutest shop in downtown Bryan on Friday, called Southern Grace. So cute!!

  2. Thanks for the prayers Taylor! I'm so glad this whole thing is behind me and I'm itching to be back to normal completely! Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks and I can start resuming most of my normalcy! I know what shop you're talking about! It is cute! Downtown Bryan is pretty neat! They have this thing called First Fridays and on the first Friday of every month the downtown area comes alive with art demonstrations and bits and pieces of small town culture! You should definitely check it out!