Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's OK! and a whole lot more! (part 1)

Happy Thursday blog world! I can't believe it's already Thursday! This past week or so has been such a rush of events (me graduating!!! whoop whoop!), seeing family and friends, driving back and forth to Houston, etc that I'm just wiped and haven't posted since last Thursday!! In keep with the Thursday norm, I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for "It's OK Thursday" then I will update y'all on what else has been going on!

It's OK...
-to be obsessed with making and eating puppy chow (or muddy buddies for those of you who can't stomach the name). I made it for both of my grad parties and it was a HIT!

-to look at job postings and apartment listings in other cities because I'm just dying to move and for a change

-to wish they made cuter sports bras. Seriously, how hard would it be to make something cuter yet supportive? The minute it says supportive, it looks like an old lady bra...c'mon now!

-to be really nervous about my surgery next week (details to follow) mainly because I've never had ANYTHING done to me ever.

-to be BEYOND relieved that my mom is flying in to take care of me after surgery. There's just NO ONE like my mom :)

-to be complemented on my tatoo at the doctor's office and have to answer "Thanks, it's actually a fake because I want to make sure I will like it...I swear I'm not 12"

-to treat my cat like a baby. She's my baby and keeps me maternally satisfied for now, so I say it's totally ok!

-to drive to Houston and back home in one day...I was EXHAUSTED by the time we got home last night

-to wish I was starting grad school already

-to remind myself daily that God orders our steps and HE will put Andrew and I where we're supposed to be!

So that's my Thursday list for today! What are YOU ok with?? Do tell! I love comments!

My next post with update y'all on this past week, so stay tuned!!



  1. um can i just say... i love this "its ok" thing. and im gonna start doing it!

  2. New follower, just wanted to say hello! Totally loving your "it's ok" tattoo post. Makes me want to put one on before goign to the doctor next! :)

  3. Welcome welcome Tish!! Glad to have a new follower! Yeah that moment when she complimented my tatoo I thought "O lord..." out of embarassment but then thought it was kind of funny!