Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

What a busy week! I'm so glad Thursday is here especially with all the fun that lies ahead within the next few days! For the second night in a row I was up til midnight last night cleaning. Yes, I'm a freak but I'm trying to make my house spotless for my family coming (not that they care, but you want your parents to be proud of your home)! I even magic "erased" everything I could find on the walls and doors last night, so my house is officially ready for their arrival!

Now, onto business. It's time for...
link up with Neely and Amber!

It's OK...

to be counting down the minutes at work til I get to leave and see my family!

to be obsessed with Magic Erasers...they're seriously amazing!

to have a slight addiction to bath and body works candles...omg they're amazing and the summer ones are 50% off...I couldn't resist!

to say "I want that" for graduation everytime I see something I just have to have

to spend two weeks organizing my entire house...feels so good!

to paint my nails maroon for graduation! gotta get into the Aggie spirit!

to buy cooridinating shirts for my mom, dad, brother, and hubby for grad pics this weekend

to nervous/excited for the graduation ceremony

to justify cleaning for hours as an almost replacement for my workout

to secretly hope someone buys me an amazing camera for graduation (I'm ready to work on learning how to take actual photography worthy pictures)

to be a little sad my granddad won't be there in person to see my walk, but I know he'll be there in spirit

to be counting down the hours til I leave work (o yeah, I already mentioned that, but I'm still watching the clock)

What's OK with y'all today??


  1. "I want that" is a phrase I use too often these days. :) And yes, who doesn't like those candles from bath and body thing ever!

  2. I LOVE organizing my house! Seriously- nothing makes me feel better and I have no idea why. I think I get a high off of having everything in a very specific place and order. My husband doesn't understand but that's when I say, "You let me organize and you can just enjoy it!" Just found your blog and I'm so excited to get to know you better and follow along!

    new follower :)

  3. Congrats on your graduation!!! My hubby is from College Station. I'm actually moving there for work this coming week...we live in a little town south of Fort Worth and he'll unfortunately stay put while I'm there but he has a lot of family still there so I at least won't be alone. :)

  4. Thanks ladies for your sweet comments! Bonnie, THANKS FOR FOLLOWING! I LOVE new followers, but for some reason don't get too many :/ I love organizing just like you! I'm on cloud 9 whenever my house is my version of clean (others' version of SUPER clean!) I look forward to reading your blog as well :)

    Taylor, thanks for the congrats! I'm so excited to be done with my bachelor's! Welcome to College Station! I'm glad you won't be alone! Even though I've been here for a few years, I only have a few girlfriends here because most of my friends graduated a moved :( So if your ever looking for a workout buddy (I saw you're a CPT) or even just a fellow blogger friend, I'm here! Welcome to Aggieland!