Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Happy Hump Day!! I couldn't be more happy that it's already Wednesday!! After today, I only have a 1/2 day left at work then my family is here and it's graduation time!! As for our usual Wednesday routine, its...What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm linking up with Jamie and here's what I'm loving!

I'm loving that my family made it to Texas safely! I just wish they weren't staying a few hours away for the next couple of days!

I'm loving  that my work day has actually been kind of crazy (which makes is go by fast!)

I'm loving that I've gotten back to my early morning workouts! with the exception of today, but I was up til 1am cleaning, so that counts!

I'm loving that a wonderful working vehicle is about to be mine!

I'm loving that there's a possible beach day coming this weekend! Finally!

I'm loving  that I'm about to be surrounded with family and friends who love and encourage me!

I'm loving that I GRADUATE in 2 days!!! Whoop!!!

and finally...
I'm loving my husband because he's mine :)

What are y'all loving?

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  1. also QUITE thrilled for a potential beach day!