Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope y'all do something fun today/tonight! I grew up NOT celebrating Halloween because of our Christian faith, but as I've gotten older I've learned you can celebrate it but you don't have to emphasize things like witches, demons, etc my husband grew up trick-or-treating so when we have kids it'll be a fun holiday to tackle...but I digress...back to the normal routine so today I'm linking up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wedneday!"

I'm loving these Halloween themed cupcakes I made for work today! They're Halloween funfetti with a homemade buttercream frosting! I was nervous to make my own frosting, but it turned out great and I was very impressed!

Ran out of sprinkles, hence the "balding" cupcakes!
I'm loving these fingerless gloves I found at Kroger! This week has been chilly (for Texas) and since my New England blood has thinned out these past 5 years, my hands we're freezing at my desk! The gloves make me feel like a 14 year old who shops at Hot Topic, but hey, they did the job I'm loving them!

I'm loving Macy's halloween costume! She's my little pumpkin! Yes I know I'm a crazy cat lady, but I don't children so I'm dressin' up my fur-baby :)

I'm loving these two amazing friends of mine! Taylor is a blog buddy and now an IRL friend! and Meredith is an IRL friend and now a blog buddy! These two have been especially encouraging and uplifting through sweet texts and facebook messages!
I'm loving that I voted early and it took a whole 5 minutes! Gotta love small town Texas on a Tuesday! Plus I'm loving that this election is about over! I'm so tired of reading people's facebook status with their overtly strong opinions and ideas...

I'm loving that I won a giveaway from Katie's blog! This is what my subway art looks like! Can't wait to frame it and hang it in our room!

So that's what I'm LOVING! How about y'all?!


  1. I love funfetti, it is my favorite! And also so thankful this election is almost over, I get so tired of all the negative talk against each other.

  2. You are such a sweet friend!! :) And I am digging the subway art print!! Too cute!! My birthday is 4-14 so not too far from some important dates of your own! :)

  3. Um, hi? JUST seeing this post!! Haha, good grief, I'm a little behind ;) Anyway, so glad you love your subway art! :)