Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Happy Wednesday! Thanks to the holiday this week feels like it's flying by! I hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend! We spent the weekend in Galveston with some friends at their beach house and had a lot of fun! We went fishing, relaxed, ate (and ate and ate), and just hung out. Definitely a nice way to end the summer. Now, onto typical Wednesday business...It's What I'm Loving Wednesday!

here's what I'm loving this week!

I'm loving that football season starts tonight! I just wish my Pats were playing in the season opener, but I'll get to watch them dominate soon enough :)

I'm loving the beach! I'm gonna miss beach trips and certainly didn't have enough beach time this summer, but this weekend made up for some of it and I'm reminded how much I love being by the water!
This was a quick shot I snapped as we were leaving the island
I'm loving the today marks 2 weeks since my surgery! I'm feeling good and today I can start being a little less careful, but I'm still gonna take it easy. It's totally God and all the prayers that have made this recovery so smooth!

I'm loving this lock screen that Hannah made for me! This verse was on my heart and she did such a good job with designing it!

I'm loving that my brother started 8th grade last week! I can't believe he's in 8th grade! We're 10 years apart and he's like my child...they grow up tooooooo fast!

This is Cam on his 1st day!
I'm loving  my new car!!! Our sweet pastor and his wife sold us their car and it's been in the works for a few weeks now, but we finally got all the financing done and I was soooo excited to take it to the beach with us! God really blessed us with this car! It's dependable, runs great, and gets great mileage!

And as always, I'm loving my sweet husband! Yesterday I came home and he cleaned our whole house! I'm talking laundry, vacumming, made the bed, cleaning the cat box, the whole nine yards!! The best part was that I didn't ask so it made my day :)

Here's my handsome man as we were leaving the beach!

So that's what I'm loving!! How about y'all?!! I linked up with Jamie and if you have a blog you should link up too!!


  1. We love the beach too! That's nice you were able to fit some time in before the cooler weather sets in..

  2. I'm excited to watch the Pats play, too :) I love me some Tom Brady!

    What a sweet husband you have. Everything is that much sweeter when you don't have to ask for them to do something and then they do it just to make your life easier :)

  3. Oh man, my hubby needs to take some notes. ;) yay for FOOTBALL!!! Have a fab rest of your week!! I think my hubby's uncle and myself and some of his friends are going to The Tap tomorrow night (Thursday night) to hear Clayton Gardner play (the uncle knows him). If you and your hubby like country music, come on out. :)

  4. Stephanie, it's nice to meet another Pats fan! Living in Texas, I don't meet too many who don't give me hell about being a Pats fan. I always tell them, it's not my fault their teams aren't good LOL. and yes, it's soooo nice when you don't have to ask and they just do things! Make me very happy!

    Taylor, that sounds fun at the Tap! I'll talk to my hubby about it and maybe we'll see y'all there!