Monday, September 17, 2012

A weekend at the Lake...

Lake Charles that is! You see, our plan originally was to go NOWHERE this past weekend because for the last 4 weekends, we have been in Houston for some reason or another (and it's getting realllllly old.) We love visiting and all but when you work Mon-Fri, all you want to do on the weekends is be home. So that was our plan, but when our friends called us up on Friday night and said they were doing a quick overnight in Louisiana and asked us to come along, we thought well it's not Houston  why not? Andrew and I also didn't really get to go anywhere this summer and we've been itching to take a trip just the two of us, so this seemed pretty neat!

We took a nice scenic route there, grabbed Subway for lunch (sticking to our health plan!), and OMG we found a DUNKIN DONUTS! (yes this has to be in all caps because they are so rare in Texas and I was on cloud 9!) Once we got to the hotel and settled in, we headed to L'Auberge. For those who don't know (I didn't till this weekend), it's a casino and resort in Louisiana. I'm not a gambler and we definitely didn't plan on losing money so Andrew and I took a few hours together and saw the full sights of the resort. They have an amazing pool, a man made beach where we sat for a while and just enjoyed some relaxation, neat shops, and even an arcade. We met back up with our friends for an amazing buffet dinner (I say amazing because the food was out of this world and the buffet was HUGE). That night we went back to our hotel, swam, and relaxed some more.

Got me some Dunkin!

We found the beach!

ahhh Relaxing...

Biggest gummy bear EVER!

Michal with the gummy bear!

Arcade time!

On Sunday we headed back to good ole' Texas, stopping at a hole in the wall place called "Starvin' Marvins". I kid you not. It was sooo good and definitely one of those restaurants you would find on the food network. We also found ANOTHER Dunkin Donuts (me on cloud 9 again!) and headed home!

Although we didn't stay home like hermits like we originially planned, it was nice to do an overnight together and go somewhere the two of us had never been before. We decided we need to start taking (and planning) more trips just the two of us. Since we did get married young, we're trying to value all the time we have just the two of us before we add anyone else to our family (if you get me) so hopefully more neat getaways will be in our future!

Our sweet baby was happy we were home!


  1. weekend trips are the BEST!! SO much fun! :D

  2. y'all need to go to Fredericksburg, TX (in the heart of the Hill Country) for one of your weekend getaways. ;)

    And your Dunkin' Donuts thing cracks me up. On my first ever trip to the NE this past July, there was a Dunkin' Donuts shop literally on every corner! Holy Moly the NE loves its Dunkin' Donuts!! :) lol

  3. I love weekend trips! Sometimes little vacations are just what you need to get through. I won't lie. I'm kind of obsessed with that gummy bear... Okay, a lot obsessed!

    I love your "Letters" feature. My husband and I keep a journal full of letters that we trade back and forth by hiding it in places for the other to find as a sweet surprise. It's one of those "little" things we do that makes the days so very special.

    I adore your blog :)