Friday, September 21, 2012



Dead husband you have made me so proud this week! I know I've said it all week long, but I really mean it! You have been so dedicated to your new healthy eating plan and your determination to exercise is great! I loved going on a run together and hope for many more! It was so nice to have a running buddy and even better that that person was YOU! Dear bestie I loved talking to you on the phone yesterday while I was working out! Even though it nearly killed me because I was doing cardio and trying to chat (struggling for air and my HR was going crazy) and people kept looking at me, but it was worth every minute! If only we lived closer! *someday*! Dear nails you FINALLY got painted last night! You were looking pretty sorry and now you are pretty and decorated with the gorgeous polihs I got in the nail polish swap (post for that coming later today!). Dear Starbucks why have we not reunited in weeks? I have two gift cards and they have not been touched! What is wrong with me?? Dear weather you have been amazing!! I love leaving for work and it's 59 degrees outside! Reminds me of fall back home in New England. Doesn't help the homesickness but I still love it! Dear Macy thank you for constantly meowing this morning while I was in the bathroom because you were alerting me to the giant roach on the ceiling. That woke me up REAL fast! (special thanks to the hubs for eliminating him). Dear God thank you again for always being our provider and longing to give us the desires of our hearts. You know some of the things that are on mine and Andrew's hearts right now and I'm continuing to ask that you help bring those desires to fruition. Finally...dear weekend here we are again! Please full of fun, rest, and productivity!

Thanks for reading! Who's on your letter list today??



  1. If you ever want a running partner and your hubby isn't around, let me know!! I need a workout buddy!! ;)
    PS...we totally need to meet up!! I am craving some girl time!! And google chatting with my blog besties, while soul soothing, doesn't seem to be cutting the cake. ;) Maybe next week can get together?? email me goingsonintexas (at)

  2. mayyyybe your Bux cards are waiting for the arrival of the Egg Nog Lattes???! Mine are. :D

    found you via the Friday Letters link up!
    have a great weekend!

    Distinctly M

  3. So glad you found me through the link up! Thanks for the encouragement. I love your letters to God too. He sure does give us the desires of our heart. Sometimes it's just hard to be patient and wait on His timing.

    Happy Weekend!