Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's OK

Yay for Thursday!! Nothing particularly exciting on today's agenda, but it's almost Friday, so that's exciting enough.
Linking up with Neely and Amber for It's OK!
It's OK...
-that I'm finally going home to New England soon!!!
-that I've yet to wake up for my 5am workouts in like a month, because I still workout daily (just after work)
-that I won my first ever giveaway!
-that I'll be home just in time for my bestie's birthday!
-that I had NO desserts or coffee at Bible study last night! Who I am, besides crazy?
-that my first car is officially sold and I'm slightly sad about it
-that daily on my way to work I ask God for his favor and grace for me today
-that I really want to buy Macy (our cat) a Halloween costume this year (I found a shark costume at Target that would be so cute on her!)
-that my hubs turns 24 next week! Crazy! I remember when he turned 18! first gift I ever bought him :)
-that I REALLY want a heart rate monitor (with calorie counter) for working out AND a nice camera to take better blog pics with--anyone have advice on either product??
-that blog comments really do make my day!
-it's ok that I said "understanding" in a Boston accent yesterday (accidentally). I think my body knows I'm about to go home soon! FYI it's pronounced "undahstanding"
Ok, so those are some of the things I'm OK with this week! How about y'all?

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  1. I'm jealous you won a giveaway! I have yet to win one!

    As for cameras, I have a nikon DSLR and haven't looked back! The clarity is amazinggggg. I love it!

    Have fun going back home!

    Found you through the linkup!