Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK!

I am so glad it's Thursday! This week has felt incredibly long and the sad part is that I woke up this morning and totally thought it was Saturday for a minute... then sadly realized it was Thursday and I had to be up for work (o and my alarm didn't go off! Yeah, I set 4 alarms every morning-I'm a freak, I know- and not one made any noise I swear...thank God I have a body alarm that works!) Today I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for yet another "It's OK Thursday!"

It's OK..
-to have a slight obession with Bath & Body Works candles (at leasy my house smells good)

-that the entire face of one of my kitch drawers came off when I opened it the other day. Thank goodness for landlords who fix things!

-that I'm still not back to my 5:30am gym routine...o well, at least I make up for it after work

-that my alarms (yes all 4) did not go off today and despite construction I still made it to work on time!

-that I'm really behind on my graduation thank you notes! hopefully people will have some mercy on me since I had surgery the week after (it really throws a girl off!)

-that I ache and I mean ache for's been 9 months since I've been back in Massachusetts and my heart truly longs to be there! My sweet husband the other day said "Do you want to move there?" in complete seriousness and I almost died...tears began to stream from my face and I realized just how home sick I am...

-that I'm obsessed with Kari Jobe's song "Steady My Heart" and listen to it a rediculous amount of time each day

-that I'm so over being gone EVERY weekend...seriously, we haven't been home in 4 weekends so this weekend *crossing my fingers* we will be home relaxing and not on the road to Houston!

-that I am tired of people opinions and thoughts about my (and Andrew's) life right now (where we should be working, living, etc)...unless I ask your opinion or you have something encuoraging to say please keep it to yourself :) thanks.

-that this verse spoke to my hear this week "The fear of human opinion disables;
    trusting in God protects you from that." Proverbs 29:25 (MSG)

So that's my list! What are you OK with today??


  1. Awww I love this! You go girl! No one should say anything about your life unless it's encouraging and loving!
    I hear ya about being homesick. That is so sweet of you husband to say that!

    Visiting from It's Ok! Thursday :) New follower!

  2. One of my kitchen cabinets did the same thing to me the other day, I just put it aside and found the snack I wanted, seemed more important at that moment. :)

  3. Marybeth, thanks for following! Glad to have you! and yes, the negativity has got to stop. My husband is self employed (starting a buisness) and everyone seems to have thoughts and opinions about our life and it's getting now I'm only welcoming encouragement!

    Julia, it was so funny because I went to pull out the drawer and all of the sudden I was holding the handle and the face up in the air...all I could do was laugh!

  4. I have being busy during the weekend, it makes it feel like the week goes slower! :l

  5. It's okay to be homesick... I am sometimes and I only live 2 hours from my home! Kari's song seriously gets me through so many days.... I listen to it at LEAST 2 tiems a day!!

    Happy Friday!

    P.S. I am your newest follower! :)