Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's OK!!

I'm so glad it's Thursday! Especially because I thought it was Thursday yesterday too, so now I can officially rejoice that tomorrow will start the weekend (well, after 5 that is)! I'm linking up with Amber and Neely again for It's OK! So here's my list!

It's OK...
-that I still can't get back to my 5am workout least I've been working out at night so I'm not skipping days!

-that my tape is still on from my surgery...dr said to give it two weeks (which was yesterday), but I may give it a few more days just to be safe!

-to finally wear a normal pretty bra and stop living in my sports bras!

-to be overly excited to leave work everyday because I get to walk out to my beautiful car

-to fully recognize that the gym is my therapy and without it, I start to go crazy

-that my hairdresser from Great Clips saw my drive by yesterday as she was walking out and stopped me to make sure I wasn't coming to see her & then asked how I was recovering! That's the moment when I love a small town :)

-to a have a mini-panic attack when the hub's phone has been dead all day and I haven't heard from him

-to long to visit home (Boston) and really enjoy the Fall weather...maybe soon!

-to try new Pinterest recipes all the time (behold my lasagna cups from last night!)

That's my list!
What are you OK with today??


  1. Ugh. 5am!? Not for me :-). We always start longing for "home" in the fall too...there's just nothing like Autumn in New England, is there? I think this may be the first year in forever that we don't make a trip up. :-(. Oh, and what in the world did we do before Pinterest?!!! Those lasagna cups look amazing - yum!

  2. Yeah, 5ams (more like 5:30ams) are not easy, but once I get one done, I gt back on track and I love them because I work 8-5, so when I get off work I'm truly done! It leaves me for time with my husband, time to run errands, and time to relax :) I definitely miss fall in New England! I didn't get to visit this summer, so my goal is to take a couple days and get there this fall! We'll see! And seriously, without Pinterest I think we would always have boring food...there's something about it that makes it so much more enticing than a cook book LOL

  3. wow...5 am workouts...i could never do that! but then again,,,i'm just not a morning person at all! i admire you! :)

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  4. They're certainly hard to get into, but once I start the 5am routine, it's great! Especially leaving the gym at 6:30, knowing your day is off to a good start and you can check off your workout for the day!

  5. Oh man, no 5ams for this girl!! lol I relish in sleep and do my workouts after work. I've tried the AM thing, but after 10+ years of having to be at work by 6am if not earlier, I leave that hour for the birds! lol
    I visited the NE at the end of July (my first time!) and loved every minute of it!!
    And what would we do without Pinterest?? How were the lasagna cups? They look delish!!

  6. that looks so good! i need to try them!

    Hope you've had a great day! Drop by and say hi!

  7. lasagna cups??? what a revelation. NOM.