Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm loving!

I am so happy it's finally Wednesday! This week has been fairly uneventful except for the fact that the hubs and I started a 3 day fruit flush (check it out here) on Monday and it's been crazy challenging! My best friend and I used to do this same flush in high school (yeah we were weird health freaks our senior year) and I never remembered it being so poor husband has soldiered on and we made it 2 days! The prupose of doing it for me was to just clean out my system and help me refocus on eating REALLY healthy and for Andrew to break the cycle of eating sugar and prep his body for eating better. Now we're not giving up, but today I'm getting back to my normal counting calories, writing food down, making healthy choices, and he is embarking on a new healthier diet that we got from a friend (super simple and man friendly!). I really feel good after having done the flush despite it being challenging. It took me off of my daily caffeine which nearly killed me at work and helped me eliminate ANY processed foods which definitely can't be bad for you!

I'm really excited to have my sweet husband on this health journey with me because it's so much better to have a partner, especially the one you live with, on the same page as you! As I said, the week really has been uneventful which is nice, so onto my normal Wednesday's what I'm loving this week!!

I'm loving blog swaps! I just did a nail polish swap and loved the polish I received! Even got a cute make up bag and nail file! Will post picture later!

I'm loving my blender bottle! I've been using it for a while now, but this week I got the hubs one too and we mix everything from protein drinks to crystal light in it! Love it!

I'm loving these pinterest finds:


I'm loving bath and body's work new pumkin hand sanitizer! My MIL and I tried some this weekend and I was in love!
I'm also loving those in our life that are encouraging, supportive, and kind to us. I know that's random, but after a long convo with the bestie last night, her and I established just how important it is to have those kind of people in your life. Lately I've felt very weighed down by life and many around us have been less than this moment only positive opinions, suggestions, and words are welcome and of course prayers!!

Finally I'm loving this song! Kari has an amazing voice and the words have spoken to me so much this past week! Seriously, in love with this song!

So that's what I'm loving! How about you??!


  1. that reeses turkey is SOOOO cute!! I'm IN LOVE!!!

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