Monday, July 23, 2012

Family time!

Happy Monday!
Wow this weekend went by fast! Too fast! Isn't that just how weekends go though? You wait all week long for the weekend and then it just flies by and next thing you know, it's

We had such a fun weekend this past weekend! On Friday, we went to dinner with my friend and her husband and then went and saw Batman with my other friend and her husband.  I liked the movie, but it seemed too evil for too long! Maybe it's because I prefer light hearted movies like comedies or romance. Yep, I'm such a girl!

On Saturday, we slept in (ahhh my favorite part of the weekend), took our time getting ready and headed off to Houston for a family reunion! Andrew's dad's side of his family all got together for a mini-reunion and a BBQ and we had a lot of fun! Andrew's aunt and uncle own a big ranch so we definitely had a "country stlye" party. They had the normal fixin's for BBQ like baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, etc and then amazing meat like pulled pork, roast chicken, and ribs :) His aunt also made blackberry cobbler and apple dumplings! Needless to say, I'll be happy to be back at the gym this week just to feel "lighter" again :) The night was full of laughs, a few "hay rides" (the kids went on rides in their huge truck), catch up time, and of course mosquitoes! Andrew and I spent the night with a bunch of the cousins including my sister in law and her boyfriend and it was nice just to be around family. I had a nice long catch up time with his aunt (we love just visiting and catching up on life!) and the kids played cards games, poker, and pool.

                                                The momma pig and her piglets at the ranch!

  The kids goin' for a ride! My cute hubby was waving at me! And that's my father in law's head (I would have cropped it, but then you wouldn't be able to see the cool truck!)

Hubby gettin' off the truck!
 Sunday was more family time for us! Andrew's cousin and uncle cooked a big breakfast (another I'll have to run off!) and we had more time to visit and the guys talked/looked at guns for quite a while! (what else are you supposed to talk about in Texas? just kidding, being New England raised I did NOT grow up around gun talk at all!) The guys also went out to the barn to go catch the quail that had escaped (funny to watch, I should have taken pictures!) Andrew and I also spent some time with his grandmother, her roommate, and his dad and he helped his dad with some things at his grandmother's house. Before we headed home, the guys went and took car of the breaks on our car which I am so grateful to have!! After a few more errands with his dad, Andrew and I headed back home! The drive itself is only a few hours and we still managed to make a late night grocery run (gotta be prepared for the week ahead! especially when we still have one car...hopefully that problem will be resolved this week!)

Overall it really was a great weekend! At first I dreaded another Houston trip, solely because it means a good amount of driving and less time to be at home. But it was so nice to visit with family, get loved on, and relax at his aunt and uncle's. Weekends like that make us want to live there so we can visit more and drive less, but then when we get home, we realize just how much we love the little world we have outside of Houston and how much more peaceful it is then the city. Regardless, wherever God wants us we will be, so it looks like we're staying put for now! Okay, I know that was a long weekend catch up, but it was full of memories and fun!


  1. I miss ya'll, Everytime I read something like this it makes me shed a little tear. Someday we shall move back home and when we do we'll have a big party. Take care and thanks for letting Andrew come to visit, it made our summer. - Brian

  2. Brian, I totally know how you feel. I really miss home in mass and my family. I have my own tearful moments because I wish so badly we could live there, even if it was just for a little while. Glad I could share my hubby! He enjoyed his visit!