Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

"It's OK"

To pretty much NEED coffee in order to function during my work week

To spend hours reading through program requirements for my Master's just to triple check I know them all

To suprise my hubby with a pizza when I get home for work because we had a "pizza needed" kind of day

To call my mom at least once a day because she really is one of my best friends

To love the feeling of clean sheets

To workout at night when I miss my 5am wake up time-which has been too often lately

To have long conversations with the best friend about our degrees and the ideas about after college employment that we all kinds of incorrect

To be all kinds of excited that graduation is 15 days away!

That I'm hosting my first giveaway ever in a few days!!!


  1. I'm about to start my Master's as well and I've literally done the same thing over and over. I know how they like to trick you :)

  2. Yeah and I'm so nervous I won't get in, that it's driving me nuts!

  3. it's WAY okay to call your best friend!!!! xoxoxoxo