Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Loving!

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope y'all are having a great week! All I can say about mine is that thank goodness it's about halfway over! I find in weeks that seem to pose more challenges, reflecting on the things I am loving helps so much! So here's What I'm Loving this week!

I'm loving that my sweet husband is back home from his road trip/family visit last week! It's crazy how a week apart can make you value each other sooooo much more! Our home feels back to normal now and it's so nice to know that when I walk in the door after work, he'll be there!

I'm loving this new scent from bath and body works! It smells so beachy and summery! Since this is the first summer I've spent 40 hours a week in doors, it's nice to come home to a summery sweet smell to remind me that it is actually summer :)

I'm loving having central air conditioning! I feel like that's something in Texas we take for granted, but it's been so hot everyday that the central air feels amazing to walk into! Since I grew up in the northeast, we didn't need central air, but right now my family's dealing with a heat wave and it just makes me even more grateful for AC!


After! Yum!!! (courtesy of pinterest)
 I'm loving this Angel food cake I made this week! I was craving something sweet but didn't want to blow off my healthy food track, so I made this! Yes, it really is just two ingredients! Mix together and bake at 350 til brown! It's the perfect amount of sweet and it's so light! Definitely a good dessert "go to"!

And as always I'm loving my husband! He's been so good to me this week! He was super patient on my crummy Monday, brought me lunch at work, and just listened :) On Tuesday, he left me a sweet note on the front door wishing me a great day at work and letting me know he would make sure the house was clean before I got home. He's so encouraging to me and despite dealing with our car issues this week, he's extremely hopeful and keeps me from getting overwhelmed!

He's so handsome!

These are just some of the things I'm loving this week! How about y'all??



  1. Found you through WILW. Distance makes the heart grow fonder for sure. My husband travels alot and I think it helps make our relationship stronger. Your angel food cake looks delish!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read it! Distance can definitely aid in strengthening a marriage! I just don't much of it :) Thanks, the cake was so good! and Lo-cal!