Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's find the positive

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I wanted to post yesterday to update y'all on the past week's goings on but yesterday was an overall sucky day and I knew my post would end up being one entire rant or whine and who wants to read that?? So, I'm choosing to find the positive, starting with last week!

I didn't post a whole lot last week because Andrew was out of town and I don't like people knowing when I'm home alone (can't be too safe) and I knew somehow I would end up mentioning it. Andrew took a road trip with my dad and brother (yay male bonding!) from Houston all the way back to the northeast. My dad was driving a car back home, and I couldn't get off work to go, but Andrew had the ability to go so he was able to share the driving with my dad and make a few memories with the boys in my family.

When he first left I thought, okay this can be a productive week. I'll clean out our spare bedroom, go through my closet and shoes, and deep clean the house. Yeah....that didn't really happen. I was so tired after work everyday that I managed to work out and that's about it. I didn't really factor in that I would be gone 9 hours each day...woops. So on Saturday I spent the day deep cleaning the house...and I mean the works! It looks and smells so good! I also managed to fit in a little rest and gym time :) Andrew finally came home on Sunday and we spent the day at home just relaxing which was so nice and in the afternoon I started the spare room project! I'm determined it will look better by the time my family visits for graduation!

Then we have MONDAY...
It all started when I pulled into work and my car completely died...we think it's possibly the alternator. Great. And of course, we had planned on finally purchasing another expensive part for other car on Monday so we could get it running again. Awesome timing. After that it just seemed like I couldn't get a hold of my day. Things like ordering the wrong office supplies, jamming the shredder, etc kept happening at work. To top off my day, Andrew and I went to grab dinner and I locked our house keys inside the house...which made for a super happy landlord phone call...

Looking back on my Monday it really wasn't THAT bad, with the exception of the car problems...yeah, that just stinks. Looking at the positive (God's favor in the day!), I got safely to work, Andrew got our broke down car back home safely, I work with amazing people that have a lot of grace for me (and encouragement as my boss said she would be praying for me!), our landlord is sweet and came over to let us back in, and today is a NEW day! I'm also so grateful because Andrew was so encouraging to me yesterday, he brought me lunch, prayed for me, and even left me the sweetest note this morning to wish me a great day at work and told me the house would be clean when I got home! God really is so good to me! He's full of favor and grace and I know without Him and the blessings He's given me (aka my husband) I would be a complete mess! So that's the last week in a nutshell! Not super exciting, but sometimes I like when we're living in uneventfulness...it allows us to catch our breath a little. Hope y'all have a great a Tuesday! I know I am praying that today is a better day!


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