Monday, July 30, 2012

Fresh, clean, and nice!

What a productive weekend!! They're one of my favorites kinds of weekends just so ya know!

On Friday Andrew and I made dinner together (breakfast supper!) and watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics which we really liked. We've now decided that we will be moving to England (actually, we're kind of serious, it's one of those in the next few years goals we have because...well, why not?)

On Saturday I finally bought my cap and gown for graduation which is now a mere 11 days away. It was such a surreal feeling going to the campus bookstore and and grabbing my cap and gown...such a feeling of finality. It started to hit me that I really had (after 5 long years, a horrible freshman year, and two different majors) finished my bachelor's degree. I know it will hit me even more on graduation day. After that, the hubs and I ran some errands, came back home and attacked our BIG project for the day! After a year and half of living in our apartment, we decided to rearrange our room which if you know me, is something I love to do. Since our room isn't very big, it took some maneuvering but it looks so great now and feels so fresh! I also went through all my shoes and definitely discovered I have a major slight shoe addiction. We also decided to take the TV out of our room because I guess it's not good for couples to keep a TV in their room, plus it fit awkward and now we have room for our iHome again :) At the end of the day we both felt so at peace in our room and it feels fresh, clean, and new!

Macy watching here first "Lympics"!

On Sunday, we went to breakfast, ran more errands, and tackled project #2 which is still in the works. After being married for a year and a half, we FINALLY spent our Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift cards on things our home needed. Everytime we've gone in, we could never decide, but yesterday we went on a mission for some specific things our home needed. After spending quite a while in there, we now have a nice new bathmat, a bedskirt (makes our bed look 1000 times better no lie!), a new paper towel holder (ours was super flimsy), a drying mat, and a few other small items. It was such a blessing to have those gift cards because these were things I've wanted for a while and not having to spend our money on them was so nice!

Did I mention we also fit in some nice pool time on Sunday?? :)

So, onto the 2nd project...
My parents will be in town for my graduation and we have this spare bedroom...well, since our apartment is little, the spare bedroom has become a catch-all for everything random we own, kind of like a garage. We've gone through the stuff before, but now we're determined to make it a nicer spare room and minimize the stuff in there, instead of just compressing it. After several hours and a giant trash bag later, the room is coming along nicely! My goal is for it to be our spare room/guest room/other tv room/study!

So that's it for our weekend! Not super exciting to others, but it really was relaxing (despite the errands and big projects!). In between the chaos and productivity, we also watched the Olympics, made cookies, and laughed a lot! It was so nice to just spend it with Andrew and not be going anywhere! When you're building a home together it just takes time, but it's certainly the little things like bath mats and bedskirts that make a house feel more put together and it's those things that make me happy.

What kind of things did y'all do this weekend??


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