Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's OK Thursdays

This is my first "It's OK" Thursday! I found this on Cait's blog and loved the idea! So here we go!

It's OK...

To skip your early morning work out for extra snuggle time with the hubby

To HAVE to have morning coffee in order to function for the day

To wear blue nail polish because it reflects the mood of your

To be excited that after 5 years, college graduation is 3 weeks away!

To go to the bathroom like a million times a day because you drink so much water at work

To sing REALLY loud to the radio on your way home from work to relieve stress

To hate how loud the brakes squeak on your car 

To have a good cry 

To wash your feet before you go to bed

To feel excited when your blog pageviews increase

To have a weekend with no plans because anything could happen!

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