Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy late 4th! And other updates!

Happy late 4th of July everyone!

Even though I had my computer with me in Houston the blur of visiting family and celebrating kept me for posting. We had such a fun holiday! I hit the gym early that morning and then my dad, brother, and I went to a family pool party. Since my immediate family doesn't live in Texas, it's always so fun to have them at family events when they visit! My dad is so like his brothers and it's nice when he's actually there to share in the jokes and laughs. Our 4th was filled with food, pool time, lots of laughs, and a tour of a model home/fireworks show by the end of the night. My uncle shows houses and he took us to this AMAZINGly huge and expensive model home to watch fireworks. I was in such awe the whole time of how truly awesome that house was! Sadly my mom missed out on the fun with us but she enjoyed a quiet 4th with my grandmother.

We spent the rest of the week in Houston visitng with more family and having quality time with my parents and brother. We went to the movies, went out to eat, stayed up was nice because it truly felt like summer! Especially since my work was closed so I was simply off to relax! My hubby spent the weekend installing flooring for his grandmother so he was in and out a lot but we still managed to have a lot of fun and even hit the beach! Yesterday, my mom flew back home and my dad and I spent the day together (brother was with the cousins). Andrew finished up with the flooring and we FINALLY were back home late last night! Macy was thrilled to see us! I know she's our cat, but I always wish she could come on our weekends to Houston. As much as vacationing (even a few hours away) is fun, it's definitely nice to be in my own bed at the end of the day! (although getting back to work, I would have passed on ;) Here's some fun pictures we took throughout the last few days!

My cousin's girlfriend Claudia & I in the pool!

Seriously gorgeous house!

Amazing kitchen!

movie day! these 3 matched, while dad and I apparently didn't know we were coordinating colors!

My brother with my sweet grandmother

beach day!

O and before I forget, last week I started a health and fitness blog in hopes of encouraging and motivating others that you can choose to be healthy and fit no matter what! Since April, I've really gotten on this path to a healthier lifetstyle by choosing good, clean foods and exercising A LOT! I've lost a little weight and been building muscle to really just tone up! Even in Houston, I worked out because my gym's chain had a gym there! YAY! For anyone interested in following it, the link is here!

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