Monday, October 22, 2012

A Productive, Restful, Creative weekend!

That sounds like a lot to cram into a weekend but it really was ALL of those things! I tapped into my creative juices (which are pretty much I'm trying) as well as got things done around our house, and fit in some great naps and relaxation!

On Friday night, we had a game night with some friends and I decided to make this insanely sinful amazing dessert I had at a football party a few weeks ago, which is also on pinterest. It's a 9X13 chocolate chip cookie, with a layer of oreos, with brownie batter on top! Yes, it was fantastic! Which is why I made everyone take some home because I knew we COULD NOT bring that back with us! Here's the pictures of the process! (sorry for the poor quality, my camera will be here soon!! ahhhhh!)


On Saturday, the hubs had work for a little while in the morning and I enjoyed some sleeping in! The rest of the day was spent watching the Aggie play (thanks to my parents, I watched it online via they're comcast since we don't have a sports fan, it kills me.), cleaning up the house, then getting in some P90X legs. We also reunited with some of my friends for our friend's birthday dinner! It was so good to catch up, and made me realize just how much I miss these sweet girls!

Macy watched the Aggies with me, while playing peek-a-boo!
On Sunday, we devoted most of our day to football. First watching the Texans obliterate the Ravens (hallelujuah!) then the Pats play the Jets and also win! My friend Brittny and I hit up Michael's, determind to make some pretty fall wreaths, and found some super cute stuff! She made us and our husband's chili for dinner and we pinterested AGAIN these low-cal funfetti cupcakes (recipe HERE)! Plus, I am determined to learn how to frost pretty cupcakes...and it was a semi-success :)

Here's my wreath! I'm thinking of painting the tips of the leaves gold or adding more, but for my 1st one, I say it definitely screems FALL :)
Lo-cal funfetti cupcakes with lo-cal frosting!
So that was our weekend! I leave you with a picture that is sure to make you smile! We bought Macy a Halloween costume (yes I know she's a cat) but it was precious to see her in it! Especially with the hat!

My little pumpkin!


  1. Cute wreath, and the brownie, cookie, Oreo concoction looks AWE-amazing!!

  2. That dessert looks SO good! I am going to have to remember that one. All of my favorite desserts wrapped up into one...


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  3. OMG...I am totally pinning your cat. :) Super cute!! lol And that first dessert...yes please!! ;) And woot woot for your first wreath!!!