Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I'm Loving: New England Style!

Wow, what a week already! Monday was a fabulous Columbus Day because the hubs and I were still in Massachusetts visiting my family and we definitely made the most of it! Tuesday was spent flying and then making the trek back home, leading to much exhaustion and bedtime at 8:30. Yeah that's what happens when you're up at 4:30am heading to the airport. So today it's back to work and reality...not quite as fun as vacation. But on a brighter note, here's what I'm loving!

I'm loving Dunkin Donuts! Yes I am an addict and this past weekend I enjoyed A LOT of trips to Dunkin!
Combined with my love of pumpkin this was HEAVEN!
I'm loving Macintosh apples! We picked a bunch while apple picking this past weekend and they truly are one of my fall favorites!
Here's my brother picking a Mac!

I'm loving that I got to see my bestie on her birthday weekend!
I'm loving my fall swap package I received today! My partner did an amazing job!

Here is the link where you cna see everyone's fall goodies (mine will be on there later today!) My partner sent my homemade pumkin bread, an amazing smelling candle, a cute basket, fall hand sanitizer, fall kitchen towles, and a cute decorationg that says "Give Thanks"! It was such a blessing!
I'm loving Letterboxing! It something my family has done for a while now and we did some while I was home! It's kind of like geocaching. You follow clues and they lead you to a box that has a stamp and notebook. You stamp the notebook and leave a message for that person (who planted the box) and use their stamp to stamp your book as a souvenier! will tell you all about it! Such a fun family activity or even a neat date idea!
Here's my family and bestie treking through the woods looking for a letterbox!
Hubbt found our 1st box!
 and finally I'm loving my wonderful family! They mean everything to me! No matter how far apart we live my heart will always be with them! and thank God for facetime!
Apple Picking!
Hay ride!
That's my list for this week! What are you loving today?!


  1. Mmm pumpkin donut sounds really yummy!

  2. Never heard of the pumpkin donut...sounds good!

  3. Letter boxing = so randomly cool! ❤