Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

Wow what a great weekend we had! I'm sad it's already over but it was nice none the less!
On Friday:
I hit the gym after work as per usual then the hubby and I went for a nice bike ride to HEB. Yes that doesn't sound super exciting, but its a good 3 miles and since we're both trying to be more active and outdoors more, it was really nice. Also, we discovered a whole health food section where you can get qunioa, rice, mixed nuts, sugar free candies, spices, etc. You grab a baggy, pick how much you want, weight it, print a ticket, and..well, it's a lot of fun! We enjoyed looking over the 100 different items you could choose from and grabbed himalayan sea salt (it was pink!), jamaican jerk seasoning, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and sugar free gummy bears! We also forgot we were on bikes and he only had a small back pack, so we searched the store for one of those draw string backpacks for me and found nothing! Finally we came upon this reusable tote and I wore it like a back pack...yes, I look rediculous and we laughed a lot...but isn't that the fun in a date with your husband? I can still be gross from the gym/bike ride, wear a tote as a backpack (which looked like a cape), and laugh was perfect. Here's a picture of my rediculousness (sorry for the blurriness!)

On Saturday:
We slept in until 8:30...yeah I could have slept til 10, but "somone" wanted to be productve and make the most of the day...silly husband. So we woke up and played Risk. For real. Andrew is a huge board game, card game, any game person and he just got it, so naturally we had to play it. Bonus, I WON.

Macy wanted to learn to play too!
Me owning! Yeah my guys are yellow

After RISK we rode our bikes around the town, had lunch, and came home for some Saturday rest which turned into Andrew played his new PS3 game and me cleaning for 6 hours! Yes, that actually was relaxing to me. One of my favorite weekend things is to catch up on my house...I know that sounds a little too housewife, but when our little apartment is really clean and organized, I feel like we just breathe better in it (we probably do considering how much cat hair I vacumm and lint roll up). I even cleaned out our food pantry and snack cabinets! oo and I made chicken fajitas in the crockpot which I got from pinterest! The chicken was great! Wasn't a fan of the veggies but yay for a new recipe & I tweaked it a little with my own seasonings. You can grab it here!

On Sunday:
We ran errands, I hit the gym, and Andrew worked on a knife (did I mention he makes knives? they're really gorgeous!) The rest of the day was spent on football, rest, Everybody Loves Raymond (all the seasons are now on Netflix!!) and more football.

So there ya have it! Clearly we are super exciting! I have to say, we have spent Sooooooo many weekends out of town this past fall, that I truly bask in the weekends where we actually get to be's hoping for another one next weekend!!! I love just being together, enjoying free time to rest and catch up, and not having anywhere that we HAVE to be.

How was your weekend?? Just as exciting as ours? ;)

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  1. i've never played that board game but i totally want to