Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK!

It's OK...

-that I didn't get my early morning workout in today. I was compeltely exhausted especially because I worked out yesterday morning and after work!
-that I'm completely obsessed with the pumpkin muffins I made this week!
-that I hate going to bed with a dirty house. Hence last night it was 11:30 before I went to bed. Had to have a clean kitchen and bedroom!!
-that I can't leave our house for a trip, weekend, or even an overnight until it's decently clean. Who likes coming home to a mess?? Not this girl!
-that I keep researching DSLR cameras hoping to find a good one for cheap...anyone have an extra? :) I'm just a beginner so a good starter one is fine!
-that I averged an 8:36 min/mile on my run yesterday! mostly due to the fact that phone updates me along the way and I kept trying to beat my time at every half mile...hey whatever works!
-that I'm obsessed with the Skinniest Pumpkin latte ever! courtesy of my starbucks barista friend: Double tall nonfat cappuncino, 2 pumps of pumkin spice, 1 splenda, and pumpkin spice steamed into the milk! Amazing and totals 120 calories!
-that lately we eat fish for dinner at least 3 times a week. FYI I'm not really a "fish person" but I love the health benefits, so I'm getting used to it!
-that now that my husband is eating healthier, we cook dinner together almost every night! It's so nice!
-That me and my hometown have a date coming up! VERY EXCITED!
That's what I'm OK with this week! How about you?

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  1. I am obsessed with pumpkin muffins and skinny pumpkin spice lattes too! Actually, I'm obsessed with everything pumpkin flavored right now, from lip gloss to waffle mix. Yum!