Friday, October 26, 2012



Dear Friday I'm glad your here, and clearly just in time given my morning (Long story short: coffee spilled on way out the door, went back in to change, realized I left my purse at home when I was halfway to work, turned around and got my purse, head back to work, gas light comes on...=10 minutes late) really not that bad...but thank the Lord it's the weekend! Dear cold front, I love you even more than Friday! I love coming to work in boots and a cute cardigan and not sweating to death! It's like Texas Christmas weather today! Dear fall boots,  I'm so happy I got to pull you out again! I forgot just how cute and comfy you are! Dear husband,  I love how sweet you are to me in the morning when you are leaving for work. Makes my day start off right :) Dear Taylor (y'all check out her awesome blog!), I had sooooooo much fun on our blate last night! You are beyond awesome and I can't wait to hang out more! oo and thanks for my wreath! It blessed me so much! Dear God thank you again for being in everything that has gone on this week. I can feel your grace and favor in our life and I'm so thankful for it! Dear husband, I'm so glad we have another low-ley *crossing my fingers* weekend ahead! I promise, we can finally carve our pumpkins this weekend! Also, I want to say how proud of you I am! A new job, a new desire for health, and a fresh focus! You amaze me everyday!

So those are my letters for this fabulous Friday! Who/what are you writing letters to this week? Do share!



  1. OMG I can't wait for the cold front!! They said it'll go down to the 50s here FL..Bring on my boots!! Yay! for blogdates!!

  2. Hey! Hope you had a great weekend! I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog for all the details.


  3. Such a sweet list:) Especially the last one!
    Popping over from Adventures of Newlyweds. Loving your blog!

    <3 Leney